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Sports Editor- Vineland, New Jersey

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by ogre, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. ogre

    ogre Member

    from journalismjobs.com....

    Company: The Daily Journal
    Position: Seeking energetic Sports Editor
    Location: Vineland, New Jersey
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: Negotiable
    Ad Expires: September 19, 2006
    Job ID: 671344
    Website: http://www.thedailyjournal.com

    The Daily Journal, an 18,000 daily in southern New Jersey, is seeking an energetic, ideas-driven leader for its five-person staff. Ideal candidate will have strong organizational skills, a background in writing and line editing, an eye for enterprise, and design capabilities. The Daily Journal's key topics are high schools, youth and rec, outdoors, and enterprise. In addition to expansion in the traditional sports section, we are planning major upgrades to our online product, and need a person with the vision to move us forward. Vineland is located 35 minutes from Philadelphia and Atlantic City, just two hours from New York City. Please submit cover letter, resume and work samples to: jcarris@vineland.gannett.com.
  2. patchs

    patchs Active Member

    Anyone know what happened to Jason Carris?
  3. Damn, beat me to it.

    Jason is a good dude. I know he was basically a one-man show for a good portion of the school year last year before they hired a couple of new guys.
  4. Bump_Wills

    Bump_Wills Member

    Um ...

    "Please submit cover letter, resume and work samples to: jcarris@vineland.gannett.com."
  5. patchs

    patchs Active Member

    He may be staying on until a new person is hired, or maybe he's running the editorial department, or the web site.
    He may still be in Vineland but something has happened to him.
  6. Bump_Wills

    Bump_Wills Member

    My point is two-fold:

    1. "What happened to Jason Carris," by my reckoning, has the aroma of "Did he leave? Did he get fired? Why isn't he there anymore?" Clearly, he's still around.

    2. In any case, his e-mail address is listed, so why not ask him?

    No intent to injure. I'm just a newbie here. Have a beer!
  7. GeorgeScott

    GeorgeScott Member

    I like Jason. I know Bill Bradley approached him to be his deputy in Sacramento. Not sure what became of that. But regardless, I'm sure he'll land on his feet. Actually, probably never left his feet.
  8. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    Can you still get those eggplants from the Vineland area? I remember getting those, which were something like 5 for a dollar a while ago (OK, a long time ago) and my mother and sister making eggplant parmasian.
  9. eaglesin06

    eaglesin06 New Member

    i know someone who works there. says this jason guy is a total jackass who does nothing but rip people a new one every day. it rotates from person to person. this guy was ready to walk in and quit the other day.
  10. Eagles must be Bob Yates.
  11. Space Monkey

    Space Monkey Member

    Any update here?
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