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Sports editor, Vicksburg, Miss.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by e_bowker, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. e_bowker

    e_bowker Member

    The Vicksburg Post in Vicksburg, Miss., is looking for a sports editor to lead a staff of three in the daily coverage of prep, college and sometimes professional sports in Vicksburg and the area.
    Ideal candidates will have a flair for words, an eye for photos, a jazz for layout and a grasp of good management practices. We focus on planning but we can and do shoot from the hip.
    In these days of news conglomerates, the Post remains family-owned and –operated, giving the staff more freedoms than often are afforded in the chains.
    The Post publishes afternoons Monday-Friday and mornings Saturday and Sunday. We offer competitive salary and benefits.
    Send resume, cover letter and examples of your work to:

    Karen Gamble
    Managing editor
    The Vicksburg Post
    P.O. Box 821668
    Vicksburg MS 39182
    Or e-mail:
  2. e_bowker

    e_bowker Member

    We had an opening for news reporters a while back, now we're looking for a sports editor. He's taking over as our web guy after about 12 years at the paper and six as SE. This will only be our third SE since 1996, so it's a job with some stability and reasons to stay.

    Salary is in the mid-to-upper 30s, and in my time here (10 years) the paper has not been shy about letting us travel to games. We're usually at one of the big three colleges (Southern Miss, Ole Miss or Mississippi State) on Saturdays. There's also a SWAC school, Alcorn State, and a junior college that we cover regularly.
    Four high schools in town get most of the coverage, and there's another seven or eight in our circulation area. We travel to as many out of town football games as we can, and nearly every playoff game.
    It's a three-man staff, including the editor, so there will be some writing duties beyond a weekly column.

    That's all I can think of for now, but if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

    Ernest Bowker
    Sports writer
    The Vicksburg Post
  3. e_bowker

    e_bowker Member

    Just a bump to keep this near the top. We're still looking for a fearless leader. Thanks.
  4. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    found one...

  5. airbag2929

    airbag2929 New Member

    Sent a pm and email showing my interest in applying. Let me know if you got it.
  6. e_bowker

    e_bowker Member

    No pm and no e-mail received yet.
  7. kamikaze021

    kamikaze021 Member

    e_bowker...what is your e-mail address?
  8. Faithless

    Faithless Member

    Is the sports editor required to contribute to the Post's Miss Mississippi Pageant coverage with one-on-one intimate interviews with the contestants of his choice as the lovely young women are wearing their pageant swimwear?

    If not, then I ain't applying.
  9. thebigd

    thebigd Member

    faith those girls are way too much for ya to handle lol
  10. Faithless

    Faithless Member

    Thebigd, I've done quite well with these pageant gals. I had a hand in sending two of them to Vicksburg (one this year, the other in 2006) by serving as a judge in a Miss MS local pageant. Plus, I've done a lot of stories on pageant contestants in my community journalism gig.
  11. albert77

    albert77 Well-Known Member

    Any takers yet?
  12. e_bowker

    e_bowker Member

    We have a couple interviews scheduled for next week, but no one has been hired yet.
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