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Sports Editor, Searcy, Arkansas

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Methodtomymadness, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. From jjobs:
    Company: The Daily Citizen
    Position: Sports Editor
    Location: Searcy, Arkansas
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: $20,000 to $25,000
    Ad Expires: May 3, 2010
    Job ID: 1159949
    Website: http://www.thedailycitizen.com

    The Daily Citizen, an award-winning, six-day daily newspaper in central Arkansas, is seeking a sports editor to produce our sports coverage. The Daily Citizen covers area high school sports spanning several classifications as well as Harding University, a competitive NCAA Division-II member. Our sports editor is a one-person department, and therefore must be highly organized and willing to be thoroughly involved in the local sports scene. Experience using NewsEditPro, Photoshop and InDesign software a plus. Bachelor's degree preferred. Interested candidates should email resume, cover letter and work samples to jbrower@thedailycitizen.com
  2. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

  3. littlehurt98

    littlehurt98 Member

    Did Kelly Fenton leave or perhaps did he move up to editor-in-chief? I know they had an opening for that.
  4. flexmaster33

    flexmaster33 Active Member

    One-man show, six days a week for $25K max...really?
  5. I'm not sure Kelly is with the paper anymore, but then again, rumor has it there's been a lot of turnover lately.
    The good news: if you get to cover Harding University, you get the best basketball atmosphere in NCAA Division II basketball.
    The bad news: you're part of Paxton Media Group.
  6. littlehurt98

    littlehurt98 Member

    I worked for the newspaper in Jonesboro for a short time. It also apart of Paxton. I never met Kelly in person, but talked to him several times on the phone. Always seemed like a good guy. I was just curious.
    And yes, Paxton is....well I'll just keep my opinions to myself.
  7. Matthew K

    Matthew K New Member

    I heard Kelly turned down the sports reporter position in Texarkana. I'm not sure why he left the Searcy paper.
  8. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    There are so many red flags with this job it's like a Communist Party rally.
  9. Slash

    Slash Member

    Kelly had been at Jacksonville, Ark and last summer he moved to NJ to be with his girlfriend, who had been flying back and forth for work but was forced to relocate. Quinton Bagley was the SE at Searcy. Anyone know what happened to him.
  10. According the Daily Citizen's Web site, Bagley is still there as sports editor. The news editor's slot is vacant, so I don't know if he's moving to that role or what.
  11. Chip Souza

    Chip Souza New Member

    Kelly has been gone awhile and Quinton was running the show last I heard. We just hired one of their people (Gabe Calzada). I think they have had quite a bit of turnover lately. The ME also left not long ago.
  12. Word is out that the powers that be have elected to hire a graduate out of Harding to fill this one.
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