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Sports Editor, Mountain Home, Ark.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Jersey_Guy, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. thought I would update this thread...

    well almost a year to the date from when the last official sports editor left, the baxter bulletin has hired its next sports editor. Actually its the guy the former ME ran off in March 2006 and he returns next week.

    Seems that since said former ME has been "suspended" (Gannett word for canned) they are now trying to undo the damage she did during her reign of terror. And yes, she owes the entire town of Mountain Home an apology.
  2. Faithless

    Faithless Member

    Seems like the former ME was doing more than looking for a sports editor.

  3. Yawn

    Yawn New Member

    If you hate Gannett dysfunction, this leadership represents the WORST of it. Truly a screwed up place to work.
  4. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Speaking of owing apologies ....
  5. Do you mean Gene McCoy, who left to become the SID at Lyon College in Batesville, or is it Sonny Elliott?
  6. Yawn

    Yawn New Member

    Hey fumble bat, do you turn every thread into a personal vendetta?
  7. no its Sonny that's returning. Gene was the one to replace sonny for a few months before going off to Batesville, where he is doing very well the last time I heard.
  8. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

  9. A congrats to Sonny on the comeback. He did good work while he was at Mountain Home the first time. Here's hoping he can do it again.
  10. yes, sonny did not deserve that bs treatment he was getting from that horrible pile of crap that was the ME at that time. Well I guess her true self finally showed.

    Of course at the end of the day, its still Gannett that Sonny is going back to but I hope he makes the best of it.
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