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Sports Editor - Ionia, MI

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Zads07, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    Help wanted: We are seeking a Sports Editor to join our team!

    The Ionia Sentinel-Standard has an immediate opening for a sports editor. We are seeking a versatile journalist with strong writing, editing, video and photography skills who is also social media savvy. The sports editor is responsible for coverage of local sports at seven area high schools.
    We require:
    • Experience writing game & feature stories
    • A bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications
    • Exceptional writing, photography & video skills
    • Knowledge of AP style
    • Strong organizational and communication skills
    To apply:
    • Send a resume along with a cover letter briefly stating your qualifications, experience and why you are the best candidate for the job
    • Three of your best sports writing samples.
    • Also send examples of your video and photo skills, links are fine

    The Ionia Sentinel-Standard is a small daily newspaper located in historic downtown Ionia, Mich. The newspaper is locally managed and owned by GateHouse Media Inc. and offers a benefit package that includes medical, dental, vision, life and a 401k plan.

    Apply to General Manager Lori Kilchermann at lori.kilchermann@sentinel-standard.com.

    This is my shop and I'm the one leaving. I'm taking a step up and moving to one of our larger papers, the Holland Sentinel in Holland, Michigan. You'll be training for a bit under myself and the Sports Editor in Holland.

    More background on the position, you'll cover 7 high schools, 114 separate varsity teams as a one-person show. There are some fantastic sports teams and I've covered a deep playoff run in most sports, including football, volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, track & field, cross country, wrestling, basketball, swimming and golf. The soccer programs are doing their best to continue to grow in the small towns here.

    There is no page design required in the position, but knowing how to do that will give you a leg up as you'll help the design team in laying the page out. You will be putting together special section tabs as well, and it can be taught.

    Hours are at night, very few stringers to help, so everything is done on your own. You might dip your toes into news coverage from time-to-time when needed, but for the most part, your focus is on high school sports.

    You will have chances to cover Michigan State with a local kid as a sophomore Offensive Lineman for the Spartans, but high schools remain priority.

    We have over 100+ athletes from the county participating in collegiate athletics, so updates on them every couple of weeks are required.

    It's a 40-hour per week position and you'll be able to make your own schedule based on the schedule that week for sports. One game story per night plus a roundup and if you have time for a feature, that's great as well.

    They are looking to move very quickly on the position so get your resumes in as soon as you can.

    I'll be more than happy to answer any other questions, just PM me.

    Leaving Ionia is very tough but I'm ready to take that next step. It was my first job out of college and the people there are great. They will help you and Lori is a fantastic boss. Anyone would be lucky to work under her guidance.
  2. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    We've made a hire. Thanks to all that applied.
  3. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Who did you get? Just curious.
  4. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    We ended up going with a recent Michigan State grad and former intern of the shop I'm at, Connor Ryan. He recently wrote for 247 Sports.
  5. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Cool. That shop's about an hour east of me, so always curious who fills slots around the area.
  6. chicos_bailbonds

    chicos_bailbonds New Member

    That's a good shop in Ionia ...
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