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sports columnist does soap opera...

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by fromthebluegrass, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. I came across this while looking at a blog: From soapcentral.com

    During the storyline, Stephen A. Smith, a sports columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and an ESPN personality, will appear as a reporter at the Metro Court. Smith is a self-professed GH fan since the age of 5.

    "It was a wonderful experience all-around," Smith beams. "Meeting many of the actors on the show - including Steve Burton (Jason) and Greg Vaughan (Lucky) - was very exciting and a dream come true. Let this be a lesson to all the ladies out there: There are men who love the soaps."

    So would any of you do a soap opera?
  2. shotglass

    shotglass Guest

    I've been watching As The World Turns on a regular basis since I started working nights in (whoa) 1980.

    If I had the opportunity to appear on the show ... I don't think I'd take it.

    I'm not the type of person who would go up to Martha Byrne and say, "Lily Snyder, I've loved you since you were a little kid!" But I do identify with the characters more than the actors who play them. And I think I'd lose a lot of that if I got to meet them in real life.
  3. tyler durden 71351

    tyler durden 71351 Active Member

    My Mom has been watching "Days of Our Lives" for about 40 years, so I would appear on that show for her. I think she watches "Passions" (is it still on?), so I would guest on there too. Hell with journalistic integrity. Of course, this issue is highly unlikely to come up.
  4. Perry White

    Perry White Active Member

    this is a D_B: http://www.sportsjournalists.com/forum/threads/36711/ (nobody posted a message on my original thread :'( )
  5. Double J

    Double J Active Member

    Fittingly, this thread includes an ad for www(dot)truetalent(dot)com, which seems to handle "soap opera casting calls."

    And, for the record, I would be delighted to appear on Days and seduce every hot woman in Salem. Simultaneously. ;D
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