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Sleeper Cell - Showtime

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by NDub, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. NDub

    NDub Guest

    I'm thinking about picking up season one on DVD. I've never seen the show and have heard little about it. But I'm interested.

    Any (avid) viewers here? Is the $24.95 worth it? Well, I can probably get it for around $20 with employee discount at Best Buy. But anyway....
  2. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    I watched every episode, and it's a solid show, if you're into the action/intrigue sort of thing.

    Throw in the violence, foul language and nudity and you've got a keeper. Well worth $25.
  3. NDub

    NDub Guest

    Well I'm diehard Jack Bauer and Fox Mulder, so the whole action/intrigue thing sounds swell.

    Boobies are just a plus.
  4. Buck

    Buck Well-Known Member

    I don't know the show. I'm just curious.
    Do you really rewatch shows on DVD? If so, how often?
    Or is it more common to buy a TV show on DVD, watch it once and then never touch the DVD again?
    This isn't a knock against this show, or against buying TV series on DVD.
    It's just such a foreign concept to me that I'm curious.
  5. NDub

    NDub Guest

    I get where you're coming from. I've considered buying X-Files seasons 1-9. But I watch re-runs on TNT late at night and whenever they are on Sci-Fi. I also watched every episode from season 7 through 9 and much of the previous six seasons. Is it worth buying the DVDs? I don't know. With X-Files, to understand how it all ends, you kinda have to watch most of the 9 seasons to grasp what "the truth" is that Mulder seeks.

    Another example. I just watched all of season 5 of 24. I didn't miss a minute. Should I buy the season when it hits DVD? I don't know. I've already seen it all, so what's the point? But it sure would be nice to add to my collection and maybe dust it off a year or two from now.

    I've never seen Sleeper Cell. And I don't have Showtime. The whole terrorism thing intrigues me as does action/thriller/suspense stuff, which this show apparently delivers very well.
  6. Buck

    Buck Well-Known Member

    I wonder about these things.
    I'm an avid 'Seinfeld' fan, and I watch the reruns frequently, but I don't plan my time around being by a TV when the reruns come on. And if I was sitting around watching TV, I can't imagine popping in a 'Seinfeld' DVD. It just seems strange to me.
    I went through a period a couple years ago of watching 'X Files' reruns after work. I had only been a casual watcher when the show was on, but I sat down and watched the reruns late at night over the course of several months. I enjoyed it, but I can't picture buying the DVDs and watching it again. I don't watch the reruns anymore, because I've seen them.
    I have a friend who bought the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' DVDs. He watched them when he got them. Now he never watches them.
  7. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    I still regularly watch old West Wing episodes on DVD. Especially now that Bravo hardly ever shows the reruns.
  8. gingerbread

    gingerbread Well-Known Member

    I sent Sleeper Cell and Amazing Race to my brother in Iraq. He wanted both. Go figure. I thought Sleeper Cell might be too difficult to relate to, given the bad guys in the show aren't much different than the real life bad guys in the Iraqi desert my brother and his units were trying to track down and detain. But of course they loved it -- the dialogue, plot, crazy characters plotting to blow up LA. When they return to the states, a couple of the soldiers swear they're going to figure how they can be advisers to the show.
    So yeah, I recommend it.
  9. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    I get a lot of TV shows on DVDs as gifts and I usually return most of them. I mean, I love 24, but I'm not going to watch it again...

    I have several seasons of Taxi on DVD. I watch those, especially since the show is inexplicably not in syndication anymore... Other than South Park, and Lost and the first season of NYPD Blue, the other stuff got returned...
  10. HC

    HC Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of shows I watch more than once on DVD - The Sopranos, The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets. There's so much going on that I pick up something different everytime I watch them. I don't think I'd watch a season of 24 again since, for me, it's about the cliff hangers and plot twists, not the dialogue and character development.
  11. Riddick

    Riddick Active Member

    Sleeper Cell was a solid show, but is there a season 2 planned? not sure how you pull something like that off. but then again, i didn't think they could make 24 work for a second season, which goes to show how little i know.
  12. armageddon

    armageddon Active Member

    I give it two thumbs up. I recorded the final episode and I still watch it from time to time.

    My pulse and BP still rise as the tension mounts and I know how the damn thing is going to end. :eek:
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