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She resigned, but it wasn't Poin!

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by LongTimeListener, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    33-year-old teacher in South Carolina leaves phone on her desk while doing a shift as hall monitor.

    16-year-old shithead steals her phone and forwards the nudies she had on there (which she says were a Valentine's Day gift to her husband).

    District forces her to resign, saying she was at fault for not locking her phone, but now there's a petition from students to bring her back.

    Guessing 100 percent of male students have signed it.

    The Daily Mail is on it.

    Teacher resigns after student stole her phone and shared nude photos


  2. cyclingwriter2

    cyclingwriter2 Well-Known Member

    Her new phone password should be six
    old_tony likes this.
  3. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    The Daily Mail is the Poindexter of the real world.
  4. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    If this happened to Erin Andrews your jokes would be disgusting.
  5. BDC99

    BDC99 Well-Known Member

    SOLID 6. Real solid.
  6. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    I still can't figure out why she was fired. That is one fucked up school district.
  7. qtlaw

    qtlaw Well-Known Member

    Right, student steals phone and violates her privacy and she gets the hammer. What is this the NCAA?
    expendable likes this.
  8. sgreenwell

    sgreenwell Well-Known Member

    At least at the district I subbed at, since the students weren't supposed to have their phones out during class, you as the teacher weren't supposed to have your phone out either. I'm not sure of the circumstances here, but yeah, this seems like an extreme reaction if it was just a first offense.
  9. Fly

    Fly Well-Known Member

    That's what she gets for teaching at Cleveland State.
  10. Spartan Squad

    Spartan Squad Well-Known Member

    Has anyone seen them in the same room together?
    Ace likes this.
  11. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    It appears the student "stole" the photos but may not have stolen the phone. If she was letting kids use her phone or showing the pix I can see. Otherwise ....
  12. Neutral Corner

    Neutral Corner Well-Known Member

    She left the phone unlocked on her desk. The kid got into it and shared the photos.
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