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Shaughnessy vs Ortiz

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Boom_70, May 10, 2013.

  1. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    Did not see this anywhere etc etc
    Figured this deserved it's own thread etc etc

    In a Boston Globe column Wednesday Shaughnessy gently suggested that Big
    Papi was using PED's

    Big Papi answers by playing the discrimination card.

    The story highlights the quandary that baseball writers had in "The Steroid Era"

    Dammed if you do / Dammed if you don't

  2. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    Papi is a good guy and an even better person, but if he's clean he should have just said "I've never taken a PED and resent that Dan Shaughnessy suggested I did." It's a little bit of a deflection. Because now if a test comes back positive ...
  3. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    But wasn't he on the 2003 list? That would make it hard to say that he never took
  4. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    Was he? I can't remember. Either way, he tries to backdoor his way out of things, it seems.
  5. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    I would have gone with the "I'm not going to dignify the column with any comment"
  6. Stoney

    Stoney Well-Known Member

    All that righteous indignation did seem to be missing an actual denial, didn't it?
  7. AtticusFinch

    AtticusFinch Member

    Shaughnessy obviously has every right to ask such questions, but because it's Shaughnessy, I think the reaction is more like, well, "that's just Shaughnessy being Shaughnessy."

    But yeah, Ortiz would have been better off with a stronger denial than that...
  8. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    Any player asked that question now has a built-in answer. "I am a participant in the MLB drug-testing program and have not been subjected to any penalties." He doesn't HAVE to deny it. There's a system for catching users, and it hasn't caught him. End of story. It's more fun for some souls to insist that all performances above the norm are drug-aided, but at some point, you have to invoke the presumption of innocence created by the testing system.
  9. Dash 7

    Dash 7 Member

    Expectation has been a funny thing with ortiz. When he's started slow in recent years, people have jumped on the "he's done!" bandwagon. Now that he's having an uncharacteristically hot start to the season, someone accuses him of steroid use.

    Papi's gonna have stretches like this. He'll also have long runs where he's utterly useless. At some point we will stop overreacting to these things.
  10. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    Good thing Shaughnessy's not a blogger in his mother's basement. Now all the tools can defend him.

    Rob Neyer ripped Shaughnessy's assumptions apart by using analysis so derided by old-school baseball media.
  11. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad he asked the question. Tom Veriducci has been vilified and rightfully so for never
    asking Clemens about PED's when he wrote all those SI stories that proved to
    be less than accurate.
  12. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    There's nothing wrong with asking the question, it's what you do with the answer. In this case, Dan played it very straight. Good for him.
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