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Senior NFL writer, Sporting News

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by jdrtsn, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. jdrtsn

    jdrtsn New Member

    Sporting News, a 700,000-plus circulation sports weekly magazine, seeks a senior writer to cover the NFL. We're looking for an experienced, hard-working individual with a strong knowledge of football, an existing (and growing) network of league sources, strong reporting and writing skills and a passion for the NFL.

    This position involves reporting and writing for the weekly magazine and the SportingNews.com website. The primary writing responsibilities for the magazine are the column, Inside Dish and other items for the NFL Insider
    section, but also included are occasional feature stories such as player/coach profiles, playoff coverage, inside-access pieces and broad topics such as Scouting the NFL for preview issues. You also will generate original content for SportingNews.com several times a week, including interacting with readers via blogs and comments on stories. This position requires a willingness to express strong opinions and a great deal of creativity in terms of story ideas, writing approaches and finding new ways to explain the game to our NFL-crazy readership.

    This writer will spend a great deal of time pursuing news, breaking news on our website and writing reactions to and analysis of the news for both platforms. Though much of the reporting for this job will be done by canvassing league sources regularly on the phone, this job requires considerable travel, both in-season and out--to games, to training camp sites, to the Scouting Combine and to team headquarters to maintain regular contact with coaches and front-office people around the league. This writer, who can be based in any centrally located city with an NFL team, also will discuss the NFL on Sporting News Radio and other broadcast outlets, both radio and television.

    The job could require occasional work on sports outside the NFL, as well, when the need arises.

    A seasoned, hard-working journalist who has covered the league, or one or more teams in the league, for at least five years; has a broad network of sources around the NFL in order to cover the league thoroughly; has a
    strong understanding of the game of football on the field; has experience talking about the NFL in broadcast media; has strong reporting and writing skills; has strong people skills and works well as part of a team; is
    willing to work a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends; and preferably has a degree in journalism, new media or equivalent. In addition, your work status must be such that you are authorized to work in the United States for any employer.

    Sporting News is part of American City Business Journals.

    To apply:
    Send your resume, cover letter and examples of your work (maximum of five clips) to Senior Managing Editor Mike Nahrstedt at mnahrstedt@sportingnews.com or 14500 S. Outer 40, Suite 300, Chesterfield,
    MO 63017. Do not email attachments.
  2. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest

    Well, that's ... um ... interesting.
  3. Idaho

    Idaho Active Member

    Wonder if Kindred will apply.
  4. If you're thinking of applying, don't.

    That is, unless you're cool with the morale of a funeral home and the constant question of whether you'll be laid off tomorrow. Which is sad to say because, at one point, this might have been one of the best jobs in the country.
  5. mediaguy

    mediaguy Well-Known Member

    Do you get to weigh in with witty faux headlines when they pick their next full-page-ad cover? Surely "The Replacements 2" will be cover-worthy, no? Maybe "Little Giants 3: Even Rick Moranis Bailed This Time"?
  6. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    Mighty Ducks 5: Even Emilio Estevez Doesn't Need The Money This Bad
  7. Lt. Drebin

    Lt. Drebin New Member

    I'm stil waiting for the release of "Spare Bud: Pit Crew Canine"
  8. Moland Spring

    Moland Spring Member

    I love it. So many people complain about the lack of quality jobs, but here is a 700k publication offering up an NFL job, the likes of which we never, ever, ever see advertised. So make fun. (And no, I don't work for Sporting News and I'm not applying.) But some NFL writer will be extremely happy.
  9. Wait, you're not applying? ;)
  10. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest

    Just make sure you look good on TV and sound good on the radio.
  11. FreddiePatek

    FreddiePatek Active Member

    This could be interesting. If the right guy takes the job, a round of musical chairs at papers at NFL cities could ensue.
  12. Moland Spring

    Moland Spring Member

    I'm a college beat guy, so no. Plus, I'd look terrible on TV. And on radio.
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