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Seeking Vegas advice

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Boomer7, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Boomer7

    Boomer7 Active Member

    Anyone been to Vegas for the NFL conference championship games? I'm going with a group of six, and am seeking a sportsbook/sports bar where we can watch the games in relative comfort. We'll reserve in advance, we'll get there early on Sunday to stake out a table -- whatever needs to be done. We're staying at the MGM, but I'm not a fan of the new sportsbook layout there. Suggestions have included the Hard Rock, Bellagio, and Blondies at Planet Hollywood.

    Any reviews/tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If I remember correctly, the sportsbook at Bally's is downstairs, away from the madness of the casino.
  3. At least this one is specific, instead of "What should I do in Vegas?"
  4. WazzuGrad00

    WazzuGrad00 Guest

    The book at New York, New York is pretty lousy (like three rows of seats and a bunch of grizzled old dudes playing the horses).

    If I remember correctly, the MGM Grand is all right (spacious, plenty of TVs).

    Conference championship weekend might be a good time to go -- the games matter and most of the dumbasses wait for the Super Bowl and NCAA Tournament.
  5. Oz

    Oz Active Member

    I was there a year ago this weekend for the divisional games. Two of us hit Starbucks on the way over to the Caesar's sportsbook to watch college basketball starting at 9 a.m. (Tennessee-Ohio State lived up to the hype and helped me win a parlay) before the games came on.

    A different experience to say the least. Loved the atmosphere there -- thought Eagles and Saints fans were going to throw down in the standing room section behind where we sat, but never did -- but it did tend to get smoky toward the end. If you're from a non-smoking state, you best get immune to that soon enough.
  6. buckweaver

    buckweaver Active Member

    You're right about that.

    For the NCAA championship game, we had staked out a couple booths at the back of the sportsbook at the Palms. Then, these three 30-something assholes (bachelor party types) showed up in the next booth and proceeded to blow their cigars at us for the entire first half. Apparently, having a boys' day out means acting like a douchebag to everyone within breathing distance. ::)

    I don't mind people who smoke, and I fully expect to breathe plenty of it when I'm at a bar. But there's never an excuse for acting like a douchebag.
  7. Ben_Hecht

    Ben_Hecht Active Member

    Pete Rose likes the Palms.

    There's clearly a douchebag attraction there, somehow.
  8. trifectarich

    trifectarich Well-Known Member

    Watch the games "in relative comfort?" The Mirage is nice and so is Caesar's Palace. The new Wynn is terrific and very comfortable and you might even wander around at halftime and play a couple of $25 hands at the blackjack tables.
  9. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    I'll second Mirage. I always grab a meal at the California Pizza Kitchen, half the tables have terrific views of the sportsbook.
  10. Ben_Hecht

    Ben_Hecht Active Member

    Caesars seating is tough, tough, tough.

    Mirage is far nicer . . . but trust me, they camp out EARLY there, as the cocktail service is first-rate.

    LV Hilton remains underrated. If seating's tight, you can always park on a set in front of an unused VP machine . . . at least for a while.
  11. Funny this thread was brought up: I was just telling my 'legendary' sportsbook story the other day.

    First trip out there, on my birthday, We are there for Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games in 2005. I start by going to Ceasar's sportsbook (which is my suggestion... it's just so fucking huge, a sight to see). I watch the Louisville/WVU Elite 8 game.
    I believe the line was 8 or 8.5. WVU is starting a full-on beating; I think they led by 27 at one point. So it's not very loud in the sportsbook or anything.
    Then Louisville creeps closer, closer, closer... They fucking come all the way back, and what's the worst thing that could happen to a WVU better getting points? That's right.. Overtime.
    So it goes to OT. Louisivlle flies out of the gate - btw people in the book are going absolutely bonkers at this point - and takes a 10-point lead.
    WVU cuts it to 7 or 8 (Whatever the one-point cover was) with less than 15 seconds in OT. So WVU calls off the dogs and doesn't foul.
    Game over, right?
    Nope, some UL asshole goes in for a meaningless dunk for the cover (about 500-1,000 people screaming here at this point, thinking UL bettors have been given a gift from Christ himself) and the guy clanks it off the rim. Game over, WVU covers.

    Then the next day, I want in on the action. I put 50 on Kentucky +1 against Michigan State and go to the MGM (yes, it's pretty cramped).
    Back and forth, back and forth... Down three at the buzzer, Sparks makes that 3 with his toe so close to the line... they reviewed it for like 3-4 minutes. Talk about tension in that sportsbook. Of course, when they announce that it was a three, everyone there goes nuts.
    The way UK had been playing and the number I got, I would have been just as happy for the push. Shannon Brown controls overtime and MSU pulls away. Of course.
    (forgive me on the exact details.. I was half-drunk most of the time.. but you get the point)

    So I can imagine that big NFL weekends are almost as exciting.
  12. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    I miss the Stardust.
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