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Second Amendment rights exercised near Houston

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Dick Whitman, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

  2. Vombatus

    Vombatus Well-Known Member

  3. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    From the brief description, I thought maybe we had an honor killing on our hands.

    But, no. All involved are white and blond. Which, I guess, is the only reason anyone gives a shit.
  4. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    Oh. I see why we care:

    On her Facebook profile, Christy Sheats routinely praised her daughters.

    "Happy Daughter's Day to my two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls," she wrote in September last year. "I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know."

    She also posted messages in support of the Second Amendment.

    "It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away," she wrote in March, "but that's exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns.
  5. Captain_Kirk

    Captain_Kirk Well-Known Member

    I'm damn curious as to what happened in that house to precipitate this.

    Probably not following protocol of having a 2nd amendment thread for each state, but here's one from Georgia where the motive is more easily explainable: mother in law takes grandsons to the car, walks back in the house and kills her estranged daughter in law.

    Police: Woman put grandsons in car, returned to kill... | www.ajc.com
  6. cranberry

    cranberry Well-Known Member

    I'm having trouble identifying a proposed gun law that might have kept this one from happening.
  7. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

    Hence the thread title.
  8. MisterCreosote

    MisterCreosote Well-Known Member

    Maybe the woman found out her daughters were would-be agents of an overreaching government and she stopped the spread of tyranny.
  9. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    Playing against stereotypes, Chicago man stabs his son:

  10. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    Murdering people isn't a Second Amendment right.
  11. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    Huh. So, it's almost like we have laws in place to deal with guns, and gun violence.
  12. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    Were you unaware?
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