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SE in Tillamook, OR

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by DKIA, May 5, 2009.

  1. DKIA

    DKIA Member

    For those who love the sweet smell of dairy cows....

    Sports editor plus general assignment reporter
    The Headlight-Herald, Tillamook County's only weekly newspaper, has an opening for a sports editor and a general assignment reporter. The Headlight-Herald's coverage area includes the beach resort communities of Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Oceanside and Pacific City; the fishing port town of Garibaldi; and the City of Tillamook, the historic county seat. Wind and wave power experts and investors are exploring establishing alternative energy operations offshore. The county is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as home to a thriving arts scene, which is showcased at the Bay City Arts Center, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology and the Hoffman Center. Both positions will require solid reporting, photography and pagination skills. Founded in 1888, the Headlight-Herald's sister papers are the St. Helens Chronicle, Seaside Signal, Cannon Beach Gazette and Lincoln City News Guard. Our full-time employees receive pay for any overtime worked, as well as a standard benefits package. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to publisher Steve Hungerford at steve@countrymedia.net.
  2. Editude

    Editude Active Member

    I used to work with the previous owners of this place; it changed hands to a bigger outfit a couple of years ago (the previous owners are media consultants). Not much going on here, but Cannon Beach is lovely.
  3. deskslave

    deskslave Active Member

    How sad is it that this is a selling point? "We follow the law!"

  4. jps

    jps Active Member

    they've got good cheese ...
  5. Angola!

    Angola! Guest

    Damn, that would increase my interest, not that I have any interest. I've only received 3 hours of overtime pay in my eight years in this industry.
  6. KG

    KG Active Member

    Dang, you beat me to it.
  7. jps

    jps Active Member

    the curds are the best. can only get em there on site.
  8. SoCalScribe

    SoCalScribe Member

    Beautiful country up there, just beautiful.
  9. RFB-Boy

    RFB-Boy Member

    And you get to cover the Tillamook Cheesemakers, who play against other work-related area mascot teams such as the the Knappa and Naselle Loggers, Seaside Seagulls (because Trust-fund Babies didn't fit on the jerseys), and the Fishermen of nearby Ilwaco and my alma mater, Astoria High. Oh, and the St. Helens Annexation Beggars, who nod and smile as Portland encroaches upon them. Just find high ground to live on. About half of Tillamook has found itself under water during the past couple winters.
  10. Harry Doyle

    Harry Doyle Member

    I can probably tell you what you would want to know about this job. Familiar with the area, the paper and the people you'd be covering. Spent quite a bit of time in the shop. PM with any questions about the gig, town or cheese. Smoked cheddar comes highly recommended from this end...
  11. sportsgopher

    sportsgopher Member

    Todd Snider says the Po-Po in Tillamook County ain't too nice

    I'm sittin’ here waiting in the Tillamook County Jail
    I'm hoping that she's not so mad now that she doesn't even pay my bail
    If I was her, I'm not so sure, I wouldn't keep on moving down the trail
    Sittin’ here waiting in the Tillamook County Jail

    Got a lump on my head, and a boot print on my chest
    From what the guys in here call the Tillamook County lie detector test
    Well I did my best but as you might-a guessed it's a tough test not to fail
    I'm sittin’ here waiting in the Tillamook County Jail

    One phone call, two Tylenol
    Four cold grey walls closing in
    If I ever do get out on that highway again
    I aint ever going back to Tillamook County
    No, I aint ever going back to Tillamook County

    It all started when I had a little trouble with a guy on a highway crew
    And that lying son of gun he told ‘em I done some things that I didn't do
    They came a runnin’ for me down 101, lights flashing on my tail
    And now I'm a sittin’ here waiting in the Tillamook County Jail

    I'm sittin here waiting in the Tillamook County Jail
    And I'm still hoping that she's not so mad now that she doesn't even pay my bail
    We come down on vacation, gonna leave on probation
    Have to send all my money through the mail

    I'm gonna send all my money through the Tillamook County Jail
    Yes, I'm gonna send all my money to the Tillamook County Jail
    Hey, I'm gonna send all my money to the Tillamook County Jail
  12. Harry Doyle

    Harry Doyle Member

    Anybody know if they made a hire here?
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