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sartorially puckish: 06-07 NHL unis thread

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by writing irish, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    This day has been spent convalescing after a visit to the chiropractor. I enjoy the discussions of uniform esthetics that show up on SportsJournalists.com from time to time. Think I'll amuse myself (and hopefully the board) with a look at NHL gear. We'll have to break it up into Eastern and Western...

    Atlantic Division

    New Jersey Devils: Pretty basic and pretty damn spiffy. I admit to being fond of the freaky old red-and-green scheme (it's always Christmas in New Jersey...and Springsteen's doing the live version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"). But the red-and-black is definitely superior. Nice threads. I suppose this would be the place to mention that the old Colorado Rockies and Kansas City Scouts had cool uniforms, too...in a bold, 1970s kind of way.

    New York Islanders: Captain Fishsticks is just a bad memory. So are the teal accents and the goofy numerals. The Isles look right in these unis based on those worn by the Cup-winning teams of yore. Blue and orange are classic NY colors going back to New Amsterdam days and the original Islanders logo is a groovy one. Orange alternates suck though.

    New York Rangers: Well done. From lace-up collars to the 3D style of the letters being echoed in 3D numerals, a class act for the Blueshirts. I'm not much on the navy Lady Liberty alternates, but perhaps I'd feel differently if I were a New Yorker.

    Philadelphia Flyers: More proof that not all 1970s graphic design was a disaster...the Flying P logo stands the test of time. A good uniform scheme that wasn't weakened by incorporating more contemporary styles for the sleeves. The orange alternates could do without the silver and that wavy crap at the bottom.

    Pittsburgh Penguins: The 1960s cartoon penguin is on the front and the 1990s penguin-head logo is preserved on the sleeve. OK. I suppose the new pale gold looks better than primary yellow, but the yellow was a cool link to the Steelers and Pirates, I thought. Oh well. That cartoon penguin is pretty cool, though.

    Northeast Division

    Boston Bruins: Hoist a Guinness, lads– Winnie the Pooh is dead. Now the B's alternate is a faithful reproduction of the old road jerseys, complete with a logo featuring a yellow B and black spokes...the "road logo" that was abandoned in the 1990s re-design. So that much is better in Boston. I still hate the black outlines on the yellow spokes in the primary logo, however. The old one, while primitive, looked better.

    Buffalo Sabres: As a Sabres-hater, it is with great delight that I scoff at the Buffalo Banana Slug...quite possibly the crappiest logo in North American sports. As a final indignity, the new-look Sabres also have futuristic numerals...on the jersey front. Assclowns. Worst look in the NHL...easily.

    Montreal Canadiens: One of the candidates for best uniform in the league...an enduring classic. The red jersey ensemble is particularly stylish.

    Ottawa Senators: Trojan Man, please wrap my cock up...it's cold in Ontario! The Senator-in-profile logo isn't so bad, but the 3/4-view Senator is just goofy. The white jersey is ok, but the red and black ones have ugly trim. The Sens need a minor makeover.

    Toronto Maple Leafs: Another Original Six work of art. Sometimes, one color and white is all you need. The old-school leaf on the alt sweater is a nice touch. Only complaint: the "TML" shoulder logo isn't as cool as the plain leaf that used to be there.

    Southeast Division

    Atlanta Thrashers: There's some elusive suck-quality to these uniforms...can't quite place it...is it too many colors? A goofy logo? Pointy serifs? All of the above? The asymmetrical sleeves on the blue jerseys (which have "Atlanta" going down the left sleeve only) are just wack. Bad gear, in general.

    Carolina Hurricanes: The NASCAR numerals are appropriate. That logo looks vaguely like an inflamed anus...you know, after Boots went five-hole for just a little too long without quite enough lube. Ouch! Secondary logo is much better...never understood why that logo wasn't the primary. Oh well, hail (ow!) to the Cup champions.

    Florida Panthers: Not bad, really, although they do look like the expansion team that they are. But this three-color scheme works well enough and the leaping Panther is fairly bad-ass. The navy jerseys look better than the red.

    Tampa Bay Lightning: Another team with a secondary logo that's better than the primary. A simple uniform design that comes off nicely...might have snuck into the upper tier of NHL unis with a better primary logo and a little more color.

    Wahington Capitals: Decent, but could be better. Lettering and numerals are in a somewhat annoying font. Can't help but think these uniforms would look better without the black mixed up with the blue and gold.
  2. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    Central Division

    Chicago Blackhawks: All that's left of this once-proud franchise: some damn fine jerseys...sometimes called the best jersey in North American sports. Great colors, great logo...and the 'Hawks had a cool secondary logo before secondary logos were standard-issue. Even the black alternates are nice...and not necessarily a breach of tradition since Chicago wore black sweaters back in the very old days.

    Columbus Blue Jackets: At least that bug is gone. A good, if unspectacular, All-American theme here. The alternates with the Ohio flag logo are the best.

    Detroit Red Wings: Along with Toronto, the Wings have a classic two-tone look that's survived through the decades and looks just as great. Excellent.

    Nashville Predators: OK, there isn't any reason why navy, yellow and silver would work...but it kind of does. Kind of. The Dijon mustard cartoon-kitty alternates are an abomination, it must be said...probably the worst jersey in the league after the Banana Slugs.

    St. Louis Blues: Much as it pains me to admit (I hate the Blues), these are good duds. The darker shade of blue on the trim wasn't necessary, but it didn't ruin anything. I liked it better when St. Louis had those hideous jerseys with the inexplicable red triangle at the bottom.

    Pacific Division

    Anaheim Ducks: No longer the Quacks of California? Not sure what to make of the fact that this team now has a normal name. And yes, the trendy 1990s teal and purple (aqua and violet?) has gone the way of the Stone Temple Pilots' album sales. New team colors: black and gold with just a hint of orange. Whatever. Fuck off, Anaheim.

    Dallas Stars: OK, I get it. The jersey design makes each player look like a five-pointed star. That's nice. Actually, these uniforms look pretty good...a functional example of innovation. And best of all: the "Taurus" alternate jerseys have been shit-canned.

    Los Angeles Kings: The Dionne Era and the Gretzky Era have been combined into one purple, black and silver look. It's a good look, but the alternates (faux coat-of-arms logo) are ridiculous.

    Phoenix Coyotes: Before the D-Backs went brick-and-khaki, the 'Yotes went brick-and-khaki. The Phoenix unis are simple and stylish. And the coyote-head logo beats the hell out of the "Picasso Dog" from the 1990s. It also wasn't a bad move to get the number of team colors down to a single-digit figure.

    San Jose Sharks: As a team from a coastal city with an aquatic mascot, the Sharks have an excuse to wear teal. Actually, teal isn't so bad as an accent to black and silver (see Florida Marlins). Good uniforms here.

    Northwest Division

    Calgary Flames: For the love of Lanny McDonald, lose the black...you're the Flames...your colors are red and yellow. That is all.

    Colorado Avalanche: I hate Colorado's logos. On the positive side...burgundy, Columbia blue, silver and black is a little complicated, but it's a good color scheme. The faux old-school alternates actually are cool. So the Avs get mixed reviews. Off topic, was the Nordiques old "N" supposed to be an igloo? Does anyone know?

    Edmonton Oilers: So, the Oilers went all 1990s and replaced royal blue and orange with navy, gold copper and red. They kept the old graphic elements from the Cup-winning years to preserve continuity. Admirable, but I don't think many people south of Medicine Hat give a flying moose's ass.

    Minnesota Wild: First of all, what a stupid fucking name for a team. Second, what a stupid fucking name for a team. Who gets paid to come up with that shit? Nickname notwithstanding, Minnesota must be commended for having some great uniforms. Yeah, it's a little Land's End-ish...forest green, brick red, and champagne. But dang it, the Wild look good. That bear or whatever the fuck it is...a fine piece of graphic design...merging a pastoral Minnesota scene with an animal head. The moon is his ear! A north-country stream is his mouth! Just flat-out clever. And the alternates with the old-fashioned circular crest...very well done.

    Vancouver Canucks: I've heard people speak ill of this uniform, but I think it's a good one. The orca logo beats hell out of that dumb skate they used to wear, to say nothing of the Lifesavers "V" sweaters. Admittedly, the color scheme, similar to Colorado's, is a little trendy. But the Canucks look sharp, and the 1970s royal-and-kelly alternates are a nice nod to history.
  3. Sam Mills 51

    Sam Mills 51 Well-Known Member

    What's a NASCAR numeral? No, I'm not kidding.
  4. Madhavok

    Madhavok Well-Known Member

    As a Buffalo fan, I'll say the uniforms aren't the greatest. The logo is ridiculous and I'm not down with the numbers on the front. But the home blues are starting to grow on me. The logo doesn't stand out that much. But I still don't like them. And the 'throwback-vintage-whatever jersey isn't a true vintage with the numbers on the front. Lame.

    Regardless, as long as the Sabres keep skating circles around teams like the Flyers, I could care less what they wear.
  5. Freelance Hack

    Freelance Hack Active Member

    Carolina Inflamed Anus (or what would be the plural? Ani?) has a good ring to it. And a matching logo to boot!
  6. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    The Carolina numbers are slanted to the right...like many (not all) numbers used in auto racing.

    And out of respect to the Sabres...the old 1970s-1980s uniforms were cool. The three thin stripes on the jersey and socks was a distinctive Buffalo look...too bad they abandoned it.

    Re: Canes...matching logo "to boot"? ;D
  7. Sam Mills 51

    Sam Mills 51 Well-Known Member

    I just don't see it. There's no racing theme connecting the hockey organization to NASCAR.

    And I see nothing anal about the logo. Nothing. The argument about making the secondary logo its primary one isn't bad, though. But I guess if a hurricanes were the blow through, the secondary logo could turn into Vancouver's logo in a hurry. ;D
  8. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    That post would have been much shorter if you just said that the Hartford's green jerseys beat all, with Quebec's uniforms coming in a solid second.
  9. KYSportsWriter

    KYSportsWriter Well-Known Member


    Don't see the NASCAR relation...
  10. Freelance Hack

    Freelance Hack Active Member


    If only the "eye" was brown...
  11. Sam Mills 51

    Sam Mills 51 Well-Known Member

    Ewwww, Freelance. Just ewwww.

    I could have lived without that reference ...
  12. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    I'm aware of the fact that the Carolina logo does not literally resemble an anus. Nor do the Canes' slanted numbers bear any intrinsic relationship to motorsports. Just a little free association...

    It's good that Carolina and Denver have teams, but I really miss Hartford and Quebec City being in the league. Uni-wise...the Whalers' HW-whale tail logo was a triumph of 1970s graphic art. The green and blue was cool. And what was the deal with that dorky fight song the Whalers had?

    Quebec...the Nords' logo was a little weird, but that cool shade of blue and the fluer-de-lis motif looked nice on the ice.
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