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Running 2006 World Series Of Poker Thread

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Satchel Pooch, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    You're right. The main event is a lottery now. Hellmuth, Brunson, Ivey, Ferguson, Forrest, Juanda, Chan, Seidel, Cunningham and Negraneau are IMO the 10 best tournament Hold 'Em players in the world right now. It's unlikely any of them will be at the final table. Maybe one.

    Hachem and Raymer have become world-class players, but only after they won it all. Moneymaker and Varkonyi...not so much.
  2. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    How many bets do you want to lose to me??

    I will predict this monkey: www.monkeyshare.net
  3. Lester Bangs

    Lester Bangs Active Member

    Ivey said in one of ESPN's spots that Raymer is one of he best tournament players in the world because of his analytical nature, and Hachem plays the same game. Varkyoni, too, but he's simply not aggressive enough to ever be a big dog. Moneymaker plays with one hand on his johnson, and those are the guys who are always going to struggle for consistency -- see Matusow, Mike.

    I agree on your assessment of the players. Allen Cunningham is one of the guys I could really see doing it, because, like all of the guys you mention, he's one of the best at avoiding trouble and setting his ego aside, whereas guys like Matusow are more concerned with being right hand-to-hand than actually winning the whole damn thing.

    Hellmuth is fantastic, but seems like he's more interested in leaving the table in a blaze of glory -- anything to get time on ESPN -- than actually achieving glory. But he's kind of like the Notre Dame of poker -- love him or hate him, he's good for the game.
  4. Satchel Pooch

    Satchel Pooch Member

    I just have a gut feeling it's Phil's year.

    (That gives me three or four players in an entry.) :D

    OK, fine, Ivey.
  5. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I'll agree to disagree with everyone on the pocket-aces-on-first-hand. I just think most pros' better play is to wear down amateurs over time, which they usually will...doubling up early is nice, but in an event that's probably going to have $80 million in chips in play, I'm not risking my tournament life to double up to $20,000 on the first hand. Sounds like that's just me.

    Varkonyi has to be the most irrelevant WSOP champion, winning it B.C. (before Chris (moneymaker) )  
  6. Seabasket

    Seabasket Active Member

    That's a pretty solid list, but I don't think Forrest belongs in the group. I'd put Gavin Smith, Michael Mizrachi, Jen Harman or Barry Greenstein in ahead of him. I'd also give those 4 a better shot than Doyle, just because the main event is a week-long grind, and it can't be easy to sit there that long for hiim.
  7. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    I change my mind. I pick this guy!

  8. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    And if you ever have seen the TV show from that final table, it looks like it's 1992 not 2002.   The dude Varkonyi beat is wearing this hideous shirt...I can't even describe it.
  9. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    Hard to argue with Forrest's five bracelets, and he won the Heads-up championship this year. Mizrachi is definitely someone I could include in my top 10, as is Mark Seif.
  10. Lester Bangs

    Lester Bangs Active Member

    Fair 'nuff on Varkyoni, but he beat one helluva final table, though not as tough as Moneymaker's. Final four of Moneymaker, Sam Farha, Dan Harrington and Jason Lester ... and he still wins. Crazy.  
  11. Lester Bangs

    Lester Bangs Active Member

    That guy Varkyoni beat was Julian Gardner, who is a stone-cold killer. It does look like 1992 ... ESPN rolled out the production dollars the next year.

    Forrest is a stud. So is Erick Lindgren. Seif might be the best in the world right now. Analytical mind and a bad-ass to boot. The guy who knows he's the smartest guy at the table.

    Love Gavin Smith, but he and Mizrachi play like Matusow in that they occasionally think they can run through walls. It ain't football ... intensity is not a trait that really matters.
  12. Webster

    Webster Well-Known Member

    The best pros play big stack poker -- sensing weakness and muscling other players out.  If you have a chance at a $20,000 stack after one hand, every good pro would do it.    I remember Howard Lederer was asked the question and he said something like "I'm not good enough to fold pocket aces pre-flop.  Maybe Hellmuth is."

    And what happened to Lederer? I remember reading that he said that he rarely made a net gain from poker because he invested in so many other players, so maybe he is focusing in the Full Tilt business.
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