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Royals revoke credentials - UPDATED AGAIN

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Moderator1, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

    no chip like your pal flash dude. work at a great place that treats me right and pays me right. great family that lives in a great city, my kids go to a great school and we reside in a great house. i pay to have my lawn and weeds taken care of, and spend my days off in a self made garden of only the items i want to grow and not buy ... although it is difficult to keep those darned bunnies out ... btw, i bought ceramic rock and raised the bed to where my yard guys don't have to bend over too far to pull the weeds and the bunnies have a tougher time getting in.

    i can afford what i want and or need and have an immediate family and extended family that loves me and supports me in every venture i make. if you're attempting to tag me as bitter instead of a guys who's just replying to people in the manner they, just have or have in the past, replied to me, you're smoking too much herb out of your own garden.

    and, by the way, i'm being totally honest about what i do on a daily basis. i stop off at one of the local coffee shops, have a cup o' joe with a few of the locals, go to work, enjoy the interaction between myself and staff and then drive back to a wonderful home with dish television that pipes in four time zones, and enjoy the hell out of each and every day. ... if only i could keep my neighbors away on my days off, i could enjoy time spent with my family even more than i do now.

    my life is great there freud. just because i answer 'regulars' on this board in the same manner they've answered me shouldn't by any means suggest i don't enjoy the hell out of each and every day. sorry the facts, tidbits i'm sure allude you in your professional life, don't support your theory.

    many years ago, when i was in news, i hired a minority sports editor, helped get a spanish-'speaking' newspaper off the ground, worked on newspaper-wide budgets, and to this day, have to present my own budget to my editor. to this day, i hire and fire at my discretion and have very little input on where the paper's sports section is headed. while i don't work at one of the top-5-circulation papers in the country, i can assure you i don't work in the bottom 5. but, yet, when i first discovered this site and made a few friendly posts, 3/4 of the regulars (3/4 of which i'm going to guess have less than 5 years in the business) felt the need to take a condescending, bullshit approach in their responses to me.

    so don't lecture me in edict, that was lost somewhere after my fifth post with this "group." which brings me back to this thread. spare yourself a breath or two if you're supporting whitlock. the guy is an idiot. he talks smack about leaving the nba finals and heading back to kc, yeah, the city he actually works in, to address the credentials being revoked issue when not a single person on this board believed he would. instead of calling bullshit when pure bullshit was spread, young hero-worshipers ran to his defense, stating the story "wouldn't grow cold." brilliant, issues stay valid forever. hey guys, guess what, whitlock can neither get you a job or hire you for a job at the star because he is nothing more than a freakin' columnist. in fact, if you walked up to him on the street and told him you posted and supported him on jj.com, he'd probably snort, brush past you and look for another dane to put on the bbq.
  2. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    that was an enjoyable read.
  3. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member


    By the way, your many valid criticisms of Whitlock would have more weight if you could manage to make them without a fat joke or two thrown in. Just sayin.'
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