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Robin Gibb joins his brother ... in the afterlife.

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Evil ... Thy name is Orville Redenbacher!!, May 20, 2012.

  1. Died today of cancer.

    He was 62.

  2. Stoney

    Stoney Well-Known Member

    A simple Robin Gibb RIP would've worked better than the cutesy title attempt.
  3. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

  4. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    Agreed Stoney.

    A weak attempt at that.
  5. Shoeless Joe

    Shoeless Joe Active Member

    Can't say that I'm a Bee Gees fan, but I recognize the contribution.

  6. Piotr Rasputin

    Piotr Rasputin New Member

    It is, indeed, a Tragedy.

  7. Steak Snabler

    Steak Snabler Well-Known Member


    Has nothing to add ...
  8. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Are we sure this time?
  9. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    I totally agree. WTF was that about? How about showing both some class and respect!
    Rest In Power Robin Gibb.
  10. qtlaw

    qtlaw Well-Known Member

    I'm a lifelong Bee Gees fan. I'm not ashamed to say I have always loved Disco and the Bee Gees (my kids do give me funny looks as does my wife)!! Saturday Night Fever was an earth-shattering cultural event (at least for someone who was too young for the Summer of Love and Woodstock) and the Bee Gees were in the middle of it.

    62 is way too young Robin Gibb. I had such hope when he awoke from his coma and now it all ended so suddenly. Tragic endings for this family, Andy, Maurice, now Robin. (I hope Barry is to music what Vigoda is to TV.)
  11. maberger

    maberger Member

    Brothers plural: Andy and Maurice both predecease him.
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