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RIP, Mike Celizic

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Dr. Howard, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Dr. Howard

    Dr. Howard Member

    This was a good man and a terrific writer. Mike made his battle with cancer public, wrote and spoke eloquently about it, as he always did about sports and anything else he set his mind to. I first got to know him when he worked at The Record in New Jersey. Very sad day.

  2. shockey

    shockey Active Member

    Anyone who knew mike, and followed his post-cancer journey, weeps. i can only pray he is in a better place. :'( :'( :'(
  3. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    RIP "hat guy."
  4. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    The fact we all knew this was coming doesn't make it any less horrible. I'm so sorry for his family, and I am honored we became friends during our professional acquaintance.
  5. Bob Cook

    Bob Cook Active Member

    The kind words he had for me while I was freelancing for NBCSports.com did wonders for my confidence, and I'll always appreciate him for that. Hat Guy was a true writer until the end, typing until he could type no more. A rare talent of quantity and quality. RIP.
  6. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Watching Mike work a locker room was magic. Sure there were guys - athletes and scribes - who didn't like what he wrote, but he was cool with that.
    Mike always had a smile for me. Many a day we'd be in cold-weather situations and he'd make you forget about the elements, albeit briefly.
    He was a good guy. A good reporter. He is missed by anyone who knew or met him.
  7. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    What Michael said and all of you. I sent Mike a "way to go" e-mail when he did a column once about baseball and labor negotiations, and I heard back from him. He didn't have to go out of his way to reply to one e-mail but he did, and I thank him for that.

    I hope he's in a better place now. RIP.
  8. Walter_Sobchak

    Walter_Sobchak Active Member


    The folks at FJM had some nice things to say about Mike on their reunion day on Deadspin, and also will match any donation made in his name to the Jimmy Fund or Sloan-Kettering.
  9. Mentioned this once before, but I grew up reading Mike in the Bergen Record. Very sad news. My condolences to his family.
  10. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    RIP Mike. Only met him a couple of times, hardly knew him well. He had an excellent reputation as a person and a journalist and I admire the courage he showed here.

    My wife just called. An old friend, roughly Mike's age, had been battling cancer for a couple of years. Last Saturday, he said no more. He wasn't doing the treatment and putting himself and his family through that any more. They said he had only 2-4 months if he went that route. He said fine. His youngest son is in Australia. They told him to come home and he's due in town tomorrow.

    Jack died about five hours ago.

    I hate cancer. My sister had breast cancer surgery on Monday (a success, we're told). I admire those who have such fight and deal with things the rest of us can't imagine. I also admire those who make the calls Mike and Jack did and say, "Enough." I hope if I'm in that position one day I have the courage to do the same.

    RIP Mike.
    RIP Jack.

    Best wishes to all still dealing with cancer, personally or with their family or their friends. You know what? That's all of us.

    What a miserable rotten disease.
  11. Matt1735

    Matt1735 Well-Known Member

    Very well said, Moddy.
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