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RIP Helen Thomas

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Rosie, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Rosie

    Rosie Active Member

  2. I Should Coco

    I Should Coco Well-Known Member

    A larger-than-life character who covered 10 presidents and knocked down barriers to women throughout her career.

  3. Vombatus

    Vombatus Well-Known Member

  4. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    Do you think JFK every gave her a mercy poke ?
  5. cranberry

    cranberry Well-Known Member

    Had the pleasure of meeting Helen in the late '80s when I spent a lot of time in Washington during UPI's bankruptcy. True pioneer.
  6. BitterYoungMatador2

    BitterYoungMatador2 Well-Known Member

    Great reporter and an even better anti-semite.
  7. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    They were of a right age, but I think Bebe Rebozo was more Helen's speed.
  8. heyabbott

    heyabbott Well-Known Member

    PLO lowered its flag to half mast
  9. Oggiedoggie

    Oggiedoggie Well-Known Member


    The PLO has a ship?
  10. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    The PLO still exists?
  11. Liut

    Liut Well-Known Member

    RIP to a pioneer and legend.
  12. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

    This thread should be longer.

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