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RIP Gore Vidal

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by TigerVols, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. TigerVols

    TigerVols Well-Known Member

    At 86.

  2. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    For extra credit, explain the link between Gore Vidal and Lily Tomlin. No Google.
  3. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    I hope to catch the celestial feed of his debate with William F. Buckley on gay marriage.
  4. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    Will only say that "Burr" and "Lincoln" were wonderful historical novels, and way outside the voice and thoughts of Vidal the man. To me, that's a real novelist's work. RIP.
  5. Chef2

    Chef2 Well-Known Member

    Isn't she a stepdaughter of his?......Another trivia......What former president was he a distant cousin of?
  6. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    If you can find them, and it'll take some doing, because they've been out of print for at least half a century, I heartily recommend three murder mysteries Vidal wrote under the pen name Edgar Box. Two of the titles were "Death in the Fifth Position" and "Death Likes It Hot." I forget the third title. Nice, light, breezy mysteries in which the first person narrator is about as different from Vidal as could be imagined.
  7. Brian

    Brian Well-Known Member

    Is the third "Death Before Bedtime?"

    They are available as e-books in IBooks, and Vidal's name is now on the cover. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

  9. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    Not even close.
  10. mpcincal

    mpcincal Well-Known Member

    Hearing about Vidal's death had me recalling a clip of "The Dick Cavett Show" I once saw, which ended with a memorable line from Cavett (which I thought he had said to Vidal, but actually Norman Mailer was on the receiving end). I just found it on YouTube. It was Cavett, Vidal, Mailer and writer Janet Flanner:

    With all the shoutfests you see on the cable news channels these days, I was fascinated by how heated and childish, yet so intellectual, this four-way argument was.
  11. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    RIP Gore Vidal.
  12. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    I can't wait until a prominent "birthed" idea, and the Times celebrates their life and intellect:

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