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RIP Delaney Bramlett

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by ifilus, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. ifilus

    ifilus Active Member

  2. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Looks like he attended a few high-tone musician funerals in his day.

    Never heard of him, and that's too bad. RIP.
  3. lono

    lono Active Member

    RIP, Delaney.

    I especially enjoyed the stuff he did with Duane Allman.
  4. waterytart

    waterytart Active Member

    F_B, if you've ever heard of Delaney and Bonnie, he's that Delaney. They toured with Clapton. (And, apropos of nothing, Bonnie was the first white Ikette.)
  5. Dan Hickling

    Dan Hickling Member

    key part of the "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" tour of legend
  6. Rough Mix

    Rough Mix Guest

  7. Without him, no Mad Dogs and Englishmen and, probavly, no Derek and the Dominoes, either.
    The man was the Lee McPhail of rock and roll.
    Find the "On Tour with Eric Clapton" LP.

    Here's a nice little old-school thing with EC. Modest and absolutely convincing.
  8. Rough Mix

    Rough Mix Guest

    I like the version I linked better 8)
  9. Bob Cook

    Bob Cook Active Member

    Ray Charles will greet Delaney in the afterlife to thank him for his wife slapping Elvis Costello.
  10. Rough Mix

    Rough Mix Guest

    What Bonnie said was pretty good.
  11. Rough Mix

    Rough Mix Guest

    Just downloaded "A New Kind of Blues" from iTunes and like it.
  12. A DJ d_b?
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