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RIP Alex Trebek

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Mwilliams685, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. WriteThinking

    WriteThinking Well-Known Member

    My response was somewhere between Mngwa's and Junkie's. Let's face it, what was there that was especially different between what Trebek did and what Jennings did? Not much. Trebek's greatness came as a result of his being a long-time host -- a role that became his identity to many people, so that he became a familiar, known quantity, a comforting presence, as it were.

    Jennings obviously can't be or do that yet. So, his hosting of the show was fine, even excellent, especially given that it was his first appearance.

    It's the stuff you can't learn/teach that is going to end up being the difference between the two -- the voice (which I, too, found a little too high, and therefore, too much, after a while), the right amount of gravitas, whatever sense of humor/appreciation develops and is shown, etc. Otherwise, it's just the game, the show, that is the star, and the draw.

    And I believe Trebek would be fine with people thinking that.
  2. daytonadan1983

    daytonadan1983 Well-Known Member

    You know, 20 years ago, I don't think hosting a game show was on Ken Jennings' life plan...
  3. UPChip

    UPChip Well-Known Member

  4. DanielSimpsonDay

    DanielSimpsonDay Well-Known Member

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  5. TigerVols

    TigerVols Well-Known Member

    The problem Ken and the other candidates not named Mike Richards have is the show’s EP has a hundred million dollar reasons to not coach ‘em up.
  6. wicked

    wicked Well-Known Member

    If he wants to sabotage the show so he gets the gig, that’s dumb. I would think Jeopardy’s audience is more fickle than most shows.
  7. wicked

    wicked Well-Known Member

  8. HanSenSE

    HanSenSE Well-Known Member

  9. Hermes

    Hermes Well-Known Member

    If one of the categories is “Notables Quacks” it will have all been worth it.

    Then all the questions are about ducks.
  10. BTExpress

    BTExpress Well-Known Member

    Trebek corrected contestants' French pronunciation.

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  11. Neutral Corner

    Neutral Corner Well-Known Member

  12. wicked

    wicked Well-Known Member

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