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RIP Al Hofmann

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by playthrough, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    For those who follow drag racing...Al Hofmann, old-school racer and John Force rival, dead at 60.


    The first non-preps story I wrote as a professional was a profile of Hofmann, he lived in our coverage area and every couple years someone from the paper would check in with him. His pro career was coming to an end and he was low on sponsor cash, but fans loved him. For my profile I knew I needed Force, and was astonished when he invited snot-nosed, not-an-effing-stud me into his hauler for a 15-minute chat on Hofmann. The NHRA had me hooked for life after that.
  2. KoM

    KoM Member

    You'll find pretty much anybody involved in NHRA just as accommodating: Force, Bernstein, Snake, Don Schumacher. The biggest names in NHRA are 10x the people that the lowliest pissant floor sweeper is in NASCAR.

    I'll miss Al Hoffman. He was a great interview and a great old school drag racer.
  3. misterbc

    misterbc Member

    I'm sorry to hear about Al Hofmann and sad anytime I see any that NHRA stars have passed on.
    People seem to think drag racers are 'greasers' and that can't be further from the truth...eg: I met Tony Schumacher a few years ago while attending the NHRA Winternationals; we were staying at the same hotel. Just having met he spent 4 hours with my friend and I, just shooting the breeze with a couple of fans and giving us insight into his world. Other drivers would walk by and he would stop them and introduce us. Everybody we met was great.
    I've been a drag racing fan since the mid 60's and appreciate the skill that these racers have whether being a driver or a 'wrench'. The NHRA has it's very loyal fan base but can't seem to add new converts a la NASCAR.
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