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Rhode Island at Florida men's hoops, Jan. 3

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by Rhody31, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Rhody31

    Rhody31 Well-Known Member

    Southern Rhode Island Newspapers is looking for a stringer for the Monday night men's basketball game between the University of Rhode Island at Florida on Monday night. We weren't going to string the game out, but then the Rams went and beat Boston College so we have to pretend like they have a shot at making the NCAAs and this game is important.
    Full disclosure - we're a chain of weeklies and we are cheap. Not my decision. The most we can pay is $40. The ideal candidate would be someone who is already booked for the game and is looked to make some extra dough. We wouldn't need the story until noon on Tuesday.
    We're looking for 650-750 words.
    If the person is especially motivated, we could also add another feature for another $40 on Florida's Erik Murphy, who is a native of Wakefield, RI.
    If anyone is interested, please PM me. We can get credentials for you if needed.
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