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rhetoric REALLY outta control on jets-pats now...

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by shockey, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. shockey

    shockey Active Member

    freakin' newsday, everyone's favorite 'tabloid in a tutu,' whiffed by not making this rare rod boone 'get' its backpage today. heck, even the on-line hed on this is awful. maybe the eds were numbed that boone got this quote alone; how does bart scott escape a sizeable fine for threatening wes welker so openly?

    even rex ryan must be cringing over two of his players (cro, scott) taking his bluster to incredibly stoopid levels this week... the latest: scott comes off as a street punk in response to welker's cleverly-done poke at sexy rexy the other day...

    discuss (made it it's own thread lest it be lost in the weekly nfl thread):


    gotta think this was the straw that made the nfl send out the memo telling teams to stfu already...
  2. Baron Scicluna

    Baron Scicluna Well-Known Member

    I blame Sarah Palin.
  3. Herbert Anchovy

    Herbert Anchovy Active Member

    The shit between these teams was old a dozen years ago.

    The rivalry doesn't even have anything to do with a power struggle.
  4. Point of Order

    Point of Order Active Member

    Yes. People need to tone down the rhetoric over the Pats required before you can board a Jet.

    But seriously, I bet Joe Namath is thankful there was no such thing as text picture messaging when he played.
  5. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Maybe Suzy Kolber got a settlement and we just don't know it yet.
  6. heyabbott

    heyabbott Well-Known Member

    ya think she takes her glasses off when she blows her husband? Does she have to be on top or do you think Mama Grizzlie does it doggie?
  7. bumpy mcgee

    bumpy mcgee Well-Known Member

    Finally, someone asking the important questions.
  8. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    I blame the Weathermen.
  9. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    I blame soccer
  10. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member

  11. terrier

    terrier Well-Known Member

    Bart Scott. Figures. His stupid personal foul probably cost the Ravens an upset of the unbeaten Pats in that '07 MNF game (if not for those 15 yards, Boller's last-play heave would've been caught in the end zone).
    The way to react to Scott: keep silent, and if you get a good shot at his knees, take it.
  12. westcoastvol

    westcoastvol Active Member

    I bet she has a pair of Elton John windshield-wiper glasses for those occasions, when...wait for it...wait for it...the First Dude wants to finish on her grille.
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