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Reporter breaks OTR promise to out Charles Barkley's bad joke about hitting women

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by CD Boogie, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member


    I think my biggest surprise in this is that Barkley is supporting Pete Buttigieg.

    The joke is awful and waay over the line. Barkley has always been a loose cannon and yet he's somehow danced between the raindrops for all his aberrant behavior over the years. I doubt this will ding him.
  2. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

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  3. cake in the rain

    cake in the rain Active Member

    Surprise, surprise, the reporter in question has some racist tweets in her background that have been unearthed. Feel like we've seen this one before. Crank up the Twitter outrage machine at your own risk.
  4. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    Danced between the raindrops is +2.
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  5. Fredrick

    Fredrick Well-Known Member

    Seriously? You can't make this stuff up. Any examples of prior twitter postings?
  6. OscarMadison

    OscarMadison Well-Known Member

    I've cleaned up grammar for guys who have asked me to do it. Something like that? Nope. (I just negotiated a kill fee over an interview that would have ended a career.) Holy cow. It's not like Barkley is a nineteen year old kid who has just started feeling his way around the media.
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