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Reporter arrested

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by bbnews60, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. bbnews60

    bbnews60 Member

    The story

    Blog from managing editor
  2. bbnews60

    bbnews60 Member

    I do know there's been a beef with the county sheriff involving FOIL's. etc.

    His son actually was one of the commenters under the ME's blog.
  3. Big Circus

    Big Circus Well-Known Member

    Glens Falls? This story is incomplete without Jimmer's take. Or at least a verse from his brother.
  4. Cubbiebum

    Cubbiebum Member

    I doubt it. A couple of times I have had to run out and cover some breaking news on an accident because no one else was in the newsroom. All but once I have had no problems. One time however a cop was purposefully stepping into my photos so they were ruined. No reason. The people injured had already been taken to the hospital. I was trying to get photos of the cars and the highway sign that had been torn to pieces. The intersection had a very large median which was what I was standing on. The cop was arguing with me because he said I couldn't stand on the median. I eventually got the photo but some cops love to go on power trips.

    In this story I am betting the reporter had been around for awhile and had pushed the line a couple times. A cop got sick of it and made an unlawful arrest. That is my guess at least.
  5. Why do you think that?

    I suspect the cop or the cop's chief has a beef with either the reporter or the paper from a past run-in.
  6. Cubbiebum

    Cubbiebum Member

    One city is not the same as another and neither are the cops.
  7. Cubbiebum

    Cubbiebum Member

    Duly noted. I'll just say all it takes is one over zealous cop. You can have a whole department that is great but it just takes one cop to step over the line and make the arrest.
  8. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    If you don't know the cop too well and you push his buttons at a crime scene, it's pretty easy to get arrested.
  9. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens Well-Known Member

    When I first saw the URL, I thought it said pornstar.com ...
  10. BillyT

    BillyT Active Member

    Cubbie: I think that would be a fair assumption, but David's been there less than a year, and he's an extremely mild-mannered, polite young man.

    There are some reporters I would assume had been bozo-heads, but if he did it, he did it by accident. He *is* very earnest, and honestly, because the paper is short-staffed on Saturday's, he got there after everything had gone down.

    (I run a local weekly group, but I have done some stringing for the Post-Star before. I do not know David very well, but I think he's got the makings of a good, young reporter. As I said, he's not someone I would have expected to be in this situation).

    The managing editor is a thoughtful guy and a serious news guys. We do not always agree, but I respect him. I think the lengths he is going to defends the reporter are a good thing.

    This is also a pretty good, smaller mid-sized daily, and the anti-journalism commentary does bother me a bit).
  11. Cubbiebum

    Cubbiebum Member

    I think you have me confused with MC. Your post doesn't really make sense if you really meant me. Maybe I'm missing something but I assumed the reporter didn't really do anything and a cop on a power trip caused it.
  12. Suicide Squeezer

    Suicide Squeezer Active Member

    Do you think they made the reporter write the short story about the rest? I can totally see that happening at my old shop when I covered news, especially on a Saturday.
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