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Reporter and editor openings at Courier-Journal in Louisville

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Creig Ewing, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Creig Ewing

    Creig Ewing Member

    Reporting and desk openings at The Courier-Journal, Louisville


    In the short term, will serve as the back-up reporter on the Louisville and Kentucky beats, primarily on basketball and football. Will also include some non-revenue sports and general assignment work.

    However, we have been considering splitting up U of L football and basketball, which would result in an additional beat job.

    We’re looking for a seasoned college reporter who is adept at everything from game stories to take-out features, who will pay attention to athletic department finances as well as free-throw pecentages, who can schmooze boosters and trustees as well as assistant coaches.

    Prefer three to five years beat reporting experience at a medium-sized daily.


    We have full-time designers and copy editors. We need someone who can thrive and supervise in both areas at night and who can oversee the night desk at least a few times a week.

    Copy editing skills must go beyond editing for grammar and style. We’re looking for someone who can also work with reporters on content and structural issues both in special sections and in nightly trouble-shooting.

    Prefer five years desk experience at a medium-sized daily.

    See resumes and clips to:
    Harry Bryan, Sports Editor
    525 W. Broadway
    The Courier-Journal
    Louisville, Ky. 40202


    phone: 502-582-4060
  2. KYSportsWriter

    KYSportsWriter Well-Known Member

    Where did CL go?
  3. Creig Ewing

    Creig Ewing Member

    C.L. didn't go anywhere other than Memphis to cover tonight's U of L football game.

    This spot replaces Brian Bennett, who left the Louisville beat for ESPN.com.

    We are thinking of splitting the U of L beat into separate football/basketball beats. At the least we need someone who can back up both U of L and UK, which C.L. had been doing before taking U of L over full-time.
  4. BrianGriffin

    BrianGriffin Active Member

    I love this thread. Everybody's too busy applying to talk about it...
  5. KYSportsWriter

    KYSportsWriter Well-Known Member

    Ah. Don't know why I thought this was C.L.'s post.
  6. zebracoy

    zebracoy Guest

    Did some double-dip stringing work for a couple days for these guys nearly two years ago. I found their desk guys to be incredibly grumpy and insulting. It would have been understood if it was 11:30 on a weekend, but this was certainly not the case.

    Is that relevant at all to this job opening? Nope. But I guess I'm still just a bit bitter, and I hope whomever gets this gig doesn't have to deal with that. I've done a lot of freelance work and never found a crankier desk.

    City is nice, though.
  7. Dan Hickling

    Dan Hickling Member

    zebra...hate to contradict you, but I strung (strang? stringed?) for the C-J for several years until they discontinued their Bats coverage, and never once encountered the trouble you described....
  8. Freelance Hack

    Freelance Hack Active Member

    Glad you like the city, and I'm sorry you got the wrong impression about the desk.

    The C-J desk is one of the more professional desks I've worked with.
  9. thebigd

    thebigd Member

    anybody wager to guess how many apps. they wil get? 100? 200?
  10. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    Multiply that by at least 2.
  11. Sometimes the jobs that require considerable experience will get far fewer applicants than very good entry-level opportunities.
  12. Kool-Aid

    Kool-Aid Member

    Mark down another that's not being filled ...
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