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Reggie Bush on the Run from the Truth - *Update #3*

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by RokSki, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    From ProFootballTalk.com's website (Rumor Mill section):

    "POSTED 10:08 p.m. EST; UPDATED 11:07 p.m. EST, February 1, 2007


    One of our spies in Miami tells us that ESPN was forced on Thursday to pull the plug on the taping of a football show featuring an appearance by Reggie Bush. Per a source who witnessed the incident, a Bush handler (that doesn't sound too good) specifically told the ESPN crowd that there should be no questions about the whole USC/New Era deal.

    So then the cameras start to roll and, of course, someone eventually asks Bush about the whole USC/New Era deal.

    The Bush handler (actually, we could get used to that phrase . . . it's catchy . . . like "coon-ass") interrupts the show and basically shuts the thing down, ranting about the fact that the topic was supposed to be off limits.

    Man, we gotta start going to these things."


    Of course, legally this makes sense for Bush to do. To keep his mouth closed, that is.

    People without skeletons in their closets, however, don't have to worry about bones coming out of their mouths when they talk. Not a position anybody wants to be in.

    It's been a rough fortnight for Hey-Zeus in Cleats.

    First came the infamous "taunt, flip and dance" TD in the blowout loss to the Bears, after which the Bears outscored the Saints 25-0. The rout sent an apologetic Bush and his "America's Team" ignominiously out of the playoffs.

    Then came the latest Yahoo Sports report alledging taped evidence of Bush and/or his family supposedly confirming that they received NCAA-rule-violating payments/gifts, to the tune of approximately $278,000 or so.

    Next came the $5,000 fine for the NFC Championship game taunt. Bush's apologists blew the NFL's move off with "It's just a PR move," etc. But Goodell had no choice, seeing how the refs blew the call and did not flag Bush for taunting at the time of the offense. If the refs fail to make the call, the league must step in and make a statement when a call is so egregiously missed as that one was. If they don't, the next T.O. celebration would be met with "Hey, Reggie Bush didn't get a flag. Why am I?" Goodell did exactly what he had to do to enforce league policy.

    And now we have Bush's handler unceremoniously ending the taping of a WWL show. I'm sure the boys in Bristol will be thrilled with that one. More bad publicity for RB. Who's his PR agent, Kim Etheridge?

    Seriously, somebody needs to sit RB down and give him some good advice, because pretty soon these self-inflicted wounds will stop healing. And when and if they do, RB will find himself in that public relations nether region occupied by people such as Bonds, Giambi and Kobe, where even if people don't have anything totally concrete on you, and they say good things to your face, all the sudden the endorsements just start to dry up, and the image starts to fall down.

    What Bush is doing is good strategy. That is, it's always best to try to stay 'above the fray' and give the appearance that everything is cool and you're not going to be a hermit just because legal issues are surrounding you. The only problem with that strategy is when you try to negotiate which topics won't be asked in an interview/taping and you can't control the questioner(s). Then you have what apparently happened in Miami.

    Bush is a hell of a player, even if he isn't ever going to be the guy he was cracked up to be. But right now, his world and image are in mid-flip. Upside down.
  2. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Re: Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    Update -- (courtesy Bill Plaschke and the LAT):

    Bush gets away from questions
    Bill Plaschke; Sam Farmer; Ethan J. Skolnick; John Mullin
    From Times staff and wire reports

    February 2, 2007

    MIAMI — Moments after it was announced Thursday that Vince Young had beat him out as NFL rookie of the year, Reggie Bush was nonetheless as elusive as ever.

    Asked to comment on published reports of taped conversations between him and the founders of a marketing agency who allegedly funded his parents' home during Bush's senior year at USC, the New Orleans Saints running back dodged.

    "I don't feel like this is the right place or time," Bush said, refusing the answer the question. "It is what it is."

    He added, "With more success comes more people who want to bring you down and see you not succeed."

    Bush did talk about his mocking gesture to the Chicago Bears' Brian Urlacher after Bush scored on an 88-yard catch-and-run play for the Saints during the NFC championship game. Bush appeared to wave at Urlacher before somersaulting into the end zone. The Bears later said that his perceived cockiness inspired them to victory.

    "I wasn't pointing at Urlacher, I was just pointing in general," Bush said. "I was caught up in the emotion and the magnitude of the game. It was just not mature on my part. I apologized to the coach."

    He added, "It's one of those things, you'll look back on it years from now and realize you made a mistake."

    Between the question about the rent money and questions about the taunting, Bush became irritated, finally saying, "What is this, Court TV?"

    — Bill Plaschke


    I'm not sure if Plaschke is refering to the ESPN show which was apparently cut off by Bush's handler, or if these questions occurred in a different forum. But a couple of thoughts:

    1. Vince Young winning the ROY is no surprise, but if Bush came in
    second, the voters weren't paying attention to guys like Maurice Jones-

    2. "It is what it is." That sounds a lot different than the past
    comments saying, to paraphrase, "My family and I have
    done nothing wrong and we will be proven innocent."
    Amazing what alleged taped conversations can do, huh?

    3. Of all people, Bush should be the last guy to play the "People
    want me to fail" card. The amount of hype and backing he has
    received has been staggering, to say the least. The NFL was
    praying he would succeed, and his numerous media enablers
    certainly have not been looking for him to fail.

    Reggie, it's really simple: YOU caused your own problems if you or
    your family took cash and/or gifts. No one did that 'to you.' You did
    it to yourself, if that's what happened. Please spare us the 'poor me'

    4. You weren't pointing at Urlacher? Are you serious? I mean, that
    doesn't even deserve a response. What's next, "I never did a flip"?

    5. "What is this, Court TV?" This is what makes me think these quotes
    came from the allegedly negged ESPN show taping. One of the media
    sychophants likely wouldn't have asked this question (sadly). An
    audience member, however, who didn't give a crap about Bush's
    agenda I could see asking it.

    I'll say it again: Reggie, you don't dictate the terms to the public. If
    media whores agree to go along with the "party line," that's their issue.
    But to many in the media and certainly to many fans, we're waiting to
    see what's going to happen with you and New Media. If you can't
    handle the heat, don't go in the kitchen. Stop expecting carte blanche,
    because you're not going to get it. Ever hear of Rafael Palmeiro?

    The storm clouds are gathering. If this keeps up, Bush is going to
    make Peanuts' "Pigpen" look like he's got the sun following him
  3. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    Re: *Update* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    RokSki, the posting style you and your brethren use on SportsJournalists.com is unique, no?
  4. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Re: *Update* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    I imagine so, Norman. :) And that's probably just as well.
  5. Eagleboy

    Eagleboy Guest

    Re: *Update* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    I saw the headline and thought Paul Pierce had turned the knife on Reggie. Now that would have been a story.
  6. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Re: *Update* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    Ha ha. Good one. Lord the Celtics suck right now. I know Tippy the (Bill) Simmons is in agony. :)
  7. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Re: *Update* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    I missed this. More corroboration of the existence of taped evidence allegedly confirming Bush's and / or his family's taking of illicit gifts:


    The money quote:

    "Yahoo.com, citing unidentified sources, reported LaMar Griffin spoke with federal investigators in the spring of 2006 and acknowledged the existence of the tapes. When asked in the past about the allegations of receiving inappropriate extra benefits, Bush has insisted he and his family did nothing wrong."

    I didn't realize Griffin had acknowledged the existence of the tapes. Oh, boy. This just got a whole lot more interesting. I thought Lake might be bluffing to try to get Bush and his family to admit to something, but apparently he's not.

    Of course, the tapes mean nothing in court if they were obtained surreptitiously (California law). But you know that the substance of them is going to get out, one way or another. Kind of like the BALCO grand jury testimony got out.

    Now I see why RB is getting surly in his interviews. This is going to the next DEFCON level.
  8. statrat

    statrat Member

    Re: *Update #2* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    Sweet Jesus. You and your bro must really love to hear yourselves talk. There should be a rule about starting a thread so you can respond to your own posts.
  9. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Re: *Update #2* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    If by 'respond' you mean further elaborate on the subject of the thread by giving more links, it would seem such a rule as you propose would be counterproductive. :)
  10. Cousin Jeffrey

    Cousin Jeffrey Active Member

    Re: *Update #2* - Reggie Bush on the Run...from the Truth

    I believe the pointing thing. I really doubt as he was running down the field that he knew exactly who was behind him. He was pointing at the Bears in general, still not a wise move (especially if you're eating at Denny's or live near Tank Johnson). I truly doubt any sane man would want to piss Urlacher off specifically.
  11. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    The guy just can't stay away from controversy:

    (Source: Townhall.com)

    USC Probes Possible Recruiting Violation

    Friday, February 9, 2007

    Southern California is looking into whether it may have violated NCAA recruiting rules while pursuing highly rated recruit Joe McKnight, a university official said.

    McKnight signed a national letter of intent with USC on Wednesday and made comments during a news conference that seemed to suggest communications involving former Trojan Reggie Bush, who is now with the New Orleans Saints.

    Former players are forbidden from telephoning prospective recruits, their relatives or guardians.

    "We're aware of it, and we are looking into it," sports information director Tim Tessalone told The Associated Press late Thursday.

    The university's action was first reported by the Los Angeles Times on its Web site late Thursday.

    USC coach Pete Carroll denied any call took place, and McKnight's high school football coach said the recruit misspoke during the news conference. The star running back has been living with his high school coach, J.T. Curtis.

    "It never happened," Carroll told the Times.

    During the Wednesday news conference, McKnight said Carroll set up a conference call so he and Curtis could talk to Bush and ease concerns USC might face sanctions.

    The NCAA and the Pac-10 Conference are investigating whether Bush or his family received "improper benefits" from agents while he was playing for USC.

    Regarding McKnight, Mike Matthews, associate commissioner of compliance for the Pac- 10, said boosters are not supposed to be involved in the recruiting process but could not comment without knowing specifics. NCAA spokeswoman Crissy Schluep also said she could not comment without knowing more.

    Curtis told the Times on Thursday that he spoke to Carroll during McKnight's recruitment, but not on a conference call with McKnight or Bush. He also said McKnight told him "Coach Carroll was talking to Reggie on the speakerphone and Joe was able to listen and hear Reggie Bush's side of the story," the newspaper reported.

    After being informed of Carroll's denial Thursday night, Curtis called McKnight and later said the recruit never heard Bush on a speakerphone.

    "He said when they came in his house, the discussion was brought up about probation and that's when the conversation came up that they had talked to Reggie, but Joe was not there," Curtis said. "He said, 'I was not on the speakerphone. I never called him and he never called me. I want to make it clear I never spoke to Reggie and he never spoke to me. I just messed it up. I shouldn't have said it that way (at the news conference).'"

    Curtis said McKnight may have been overwhelmed by the attention and scrutiny that accompanied his announcement.

    "At the press conference, it seemed like he got 1,000 questions in five minutes," Curtis said. "If you saw what was going on it would be easier to understand."

    (Continued next post)​
  12. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    (Continued from previous post)​

    Ok, let's review here. To believe this 'revised' version of events, you have to believe that: 1) McKnight 'misspoke' at the press conference; 2) that Curtis' initial recollection of what Mcknight told him about the alleged conference call (which Curtis told the LAT on Thursday 2/8/07) was faulty; and, 3) That Carroll's denial on Thursday night of the alleged call did not 'persuade' Curtis to alter his 'recollection' of what McKnight told him about the alleged call.

    You also have to believe that Bush wouldn't involve himself in such a foolish endeavor. Given his recent on and off the field, um, 'concerns,' one is not inclined to give Bush the benefit of the doubt. Or to say it more plainly: Where there's smoke, there's fire.

    Some wondered, at the time, why USC did not provide Reggie Bush with a sideline pass (I think that's what it was) to this year's Rose Bowl game between the Trojans and Michigan.

    Do you understand now? Ever since Bush's ill-advised attempt to lateral a ball (resulting in a crucial turnover) against Texas in the 2006 national championship game (the game which began The Legend of Vince Young, a narrative which has continued in Young's receiving the 2006-7 NFL ROY over Bush and others), the consequences of Bush's choices (and alleged choices) have been an ENORMOUS albatross around USC's neck. Make no mistake - the university is trying to run away from Bush's apparent mistakes as fast as they possibly can.

    And why wouldn't they? If Bush or his family is found to have received illegal gifts and/or cash, who is going to suffer? USC.

    USC knows that if it looks like they were coddling a (potential) NCAA violator, the punishment is going to be even worse for them. So they're wisely keeping their distance from Bush, at least for now.

    And what of Bush? Is anyone helping the young man make wise decisions? Can somebody without an agenda please get in this young man's ear and help him wake up to reality?

    Because "Jesus in Cleats" not only isn't walking on the PR water, he's sinking like a cinder block. Reggie, the decisions you make have real consequences. No smiles or commercials or "This will all turn out to be ok"'s can change that. Ask Kobe, or Merriman. This is your public life, and you're blowing it up brick by brick. If you keep going like this, Pepsi will give the same stiff-arm USC is delivering to you right now.

    Grow up and proactively take charge of your decisions. As Angelo Dundee once famously told Sugar Ray Leonard: "You're blowing it, son, you're blowing it."

    Leonard responded with an emphatic victory. Let's hope Reggie can do the same.

    * * *​

    Many in the media have been doing an outstanding job pursuing Bush's various (alleged) follies, and fulfilling the media's/journalism's basic obligation: Get the story - the whole story - out. No unnecessary fawning or polishing, just because a corporation or two told you to.

    Yahoo! Sports has done a tremendous job, and it deserves all the credit in the world for their hard investigative work. Without their efforts, the alleged cash/gifts story would have few, if any, legs.

    The LAT also deserves high praise for their excellent follow-up work, filling in important details and adding some more flesh to the stories' bones.

    Who knows what's going to happen next in the Reggie Bush saga? Who would have imagined Bush would (allegedly) put himself in such a precarious position with this alleged recruiting violation?

    Wherever the story leads, however, I feel comfortable knowing that the complete facts will see the light of day. Thank you, fellow journalists, for making the profession look and feel a little more noble with your great work on the Bush saga.
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