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Quick note - BTLJ citation was 100% accurate as originally stated

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by John D. Villarreal, May 29, 2007.

  1. John D. Villarreal

    John D. Villarreal New Member


    Just as I thought. I triple checked this & everything is absolutely correct as stated on my CV everywhere it is posted.

    I was a member of the Berkeley Technology Law Journal. My contribution was that of a normal member of the BTLJ.

    Here is the relevant link.


    Thus again, everything checks out for me and my critics are wrong again. I try to be absolutely accurate at all times and I think most would agree that regardless of how you feel about me I have definitely proven the vast majority of my resume under tremendous fire & it holds up. It is all true, it is all real (to the very best of my knowledge). I am the real deal.

    I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life at a fairly young age coming from very little & I think in an time where many deliberately fabricate major sections of their resumes that I should have earned some respect for what I have done. Yet, what others think I cannot control. All I can say is I am proud of who I see in the mirror every day & I know my family & friends are also proud of me as well (thanks guys!).

    The entire point of my website (as others asked/told me to put one up) was to organize & keep track of all the different things I have done as I have done so many different things. It is still a work in progress, but this first pass took an ENORMOUS amount of work as I wanted to be as detailed as possible with as many citations as possible since I knew most people would never believe that either I or my accomplishments are real. The funny thing is I am about as real and chill a dude as you can find (from what I am told).

    For me, it isn't about being popular it is about making a difference, doing great work & earning respect. As an SJ board when you talk to great athletes/competitors most will tell you the same thing. That is what drives us.

    Finally, if I was a bit strident in my defense of my credentials, rights (etc.) this weekend then I apologize to the board and all affected. As an elite athlete in strength & combat sports and a lawyer for better or worse I don't take many steps back under serious fire & win most battles which serves me well in competition, etc., but has its own drawbacks.

    That being said I always endeavor to be as friendly, gracious, optimistic, and helpful as possible. I like most people and love to help others and have fun/entertain as often as possible. I don't wish anyone ill - I wish them the best, even my enemies (as their success or failure does not help/hurt me in any way for the most part & why not help people as it is the Christian/right thing to do). So, even if I am forced to battle someone it rarely lingers with me & I don't hold a grudge. I simply am defending myself, want to do my thing (have fun & kick as@) & achieve my goals.

    So, the key is to use all of the tools in the tool kit to react in the best way with the best measure to each situation. I always try to improve myself & each day is an opportunity to do so.

    That is all I wanted to say to be sure we are all clear on a point of dispute on my credentials (by folks unfamiliar with me or Boalt & had no first-hand knowledge of the facts (similar to how I can't speak to how other law schools operate)) that needed to be cleared up.

    I will get back to work now. I can't say when I will or won't post here again. Like I said yesterday I am taking a break from SJ, but I needed to address the important points above & wanted it to come from me directly & not Rok.

    Thank you,

    John D. Villarreal
  2. Lucas Wiseman

    Lucas Wiseman Well-Known Member

    Hey, bro, hate to see you take a break. Hope you come back real soon.

    Webby D. Webmaster
  3. BTExpress

    BTExpress Well-Known Member

    Damn . . . you had me fooled.
  4. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

  5. Colton

    Colton Active Member

    Don't know this... guy, but somewhere, he's depriving a village of its idiot.
  6. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    That link doesn't have jack shit.
  7. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

    my butt itches.
  8. Some Links are not like the others.

  9. Platyrhynchos

    Platyrhynchos Active Member

    Nice memory. You have to triple check to make sure you were a member of the BLT? Jeebus.
    Since your head is so far up your ass, why don't you do the world a favor and take a big jump. As a result, there would be just an asshole sphincter left to waft to the ground, where it would land on the tile of your one-bedroom apartment. There, cockroaches could use it to play hockey, or perhaps Frisbee. More than likely, though, one would eat it and wash it down with a 12-pack of Meisterbrau. The following morning, his intestines would rumble, he would go to the toilet, and expose you for what you are.
    Cockroach diarrhea.
  10. John D. Villarreal

    John D. Villarreal New Member

    Thanks Webby.
  11. John D. Villarreal

    John D. Villarreal New Member

    The point of the link and description above is fairly easy to understand for many reasons:

    1.) It comports with EXACTLY what I said & have on my CV/resume

    2.) It DIRECTLY rebuts PopeDirk's assertion as to how ostensibly all law journals work (based upon his EXTENSIVE experience at a law school that is not Berkeley, nor in all likelyhood as good as Berkeley)

    By Pope DB response # 273 from my locked thread (thanks Mod1) about my vids:

    "Actually, JDV, I know exactly how law journals work. You get accepted onto a law journal at some point either before or very early in your second year in law school. You spend your 2L year as a citation monkey with your Bluebook serving as your personal bible. In your 3L year, you get a position on the editorial board and your name goes on the masthead. It could be anything from serving as editor in chief to articles editor to junior managing editor. But if you actually served on a law journal, you would include the position. Your resume would say, "Senior managing editor, Podunk Law Journal." Every journal has a specific way it wants you to list it on your resume, but all of them want you to include some details about your duties.

    Scoreboard, bitch."

    Thus, that link provides pretty damning stuff for PDB, actually destroys his whole argument & what little credibility he had on the subject.

    He was not around Cal when I was there & could have almost no way to know if what I said was true. Yet, that didn't stop him from more or less calling me a liar & acting like some "authority" (some would say punk but I am striving to be nice/cool going forward).

    Thus, to put not too fine a point on it he didn't know what he was talking about and should have been quiet or at worst asked a Q in a neutral way ("hey I thought Law Journals worked like this, is Cal different?") and given me the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, for someone in law school who is supposed to look at facts, both sides of arguments, and all possible logical outcomes....well, it wasn't a star moment. Hope Mr. Pope does well in law, but today he should be very glad he is anonymous depending on the job he wants as that would reflect poorly in the legal community on the level I play on.

    Frankly, it also reflects poorly on him as a future member of the bar & profession that he can't come back, step up and apologize for being wrong & accusing me of lying about my credentials. Well, he will have to live with that. This applies to the rest of the hater gang as well, but I expect more from a future lawyer. Here is a tip PDB, study hard, get good grades, pass the bar, work for about 10 years and make a difference in your field & then come talk to me. I might listen more when you take shots at me then.

    3.) Of course there is no link that says "John D. Villarreal was a regular member of the BTLJ 10 years ago along with about a hundred other students, here is everyone's names & BTW here is what we wore to school every day & ate for lunch." Give me a break, just the top editors, etc. are named on the Masthead, etc.. What the link clearly shows is the requirements for admission as a member were pretty low. They would take anyone from any year and there wasn't much to do for a regular member. I do remember the cite checking parties with pizza from Val's & discussing articles for the Journal, jobs, etc. I can also tell you exactly who was EIC that year, etc.

    4.) I checked my other records & it also checks out with my contemporaneous notes/resumes from when I was in school.

    5.) Again, all of this happened 10 years ago and while my powers of memory & notes are very very strong/accurate. I strive to be super precise & thus when questioned by an "expert"
    , lol, I do what any prudent top lawyer would do - cover my bases and go check my facts again conclusively before making more arguments/assertions. Try it sometime it should help your accuracy in your articles, etc.

    Thus, again, it all checks out & the fact that some can't follow the point of the link, well speaks for itself. Mr. Pope can though. That is why we haven't heard from him ;)

    Anyway, I'm out - just wanted to help the few who did not get this.

    Thanks again - have a good day guys

  12. Jones

    Jones Active Member

    Make sure your upright halogen lamp doesn't get too close to your blinds, John. They're a fire hazard.
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