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Question for iTalk users

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by PopeDirkBenedict, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. PopeDirkBenedict

    PopeDirkBenedict Active Member

    I am considering buying an iPod, both to use as my personal jukebox as well as recording interviews with it (purchasing the iTalk attachment). In theory, I like the idea of having a recording device where I can easily synch the sound files into my computer and be able to listen to them on there, making it easier to relisten to certain parts of the interview w/o having to listen to the entire file all over again. I was wondering a few things:

    -- How good is the recording quality compared to other recording devices?
    -- How much of a beating does your iPod take with the additional use?
    -- I read about the iTalk freezing the iPod, which isn't exactly comforting for deadline use; have you experienced that?
    -- Any other comments, suggestions, smart remarks or non-sequitors are greatly appreciated.
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