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Publications Specialist, San Francisco 49ers

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Thinking Man, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Thinking Man

    Thinking Man Member

    Not a journalism job, but I thought there would be some interest. I saw this ad on Public Relations Society of America's web site (www.prsa.org):

    Publications Specialist
    Employer: San Francisco 49ers

    Job Location: Santa Clara, California

    Date Posted: 10/23/2007

    Contact Information:

    Address: 4949 Centennial Blvd, Santa Clara, California 95054
    Contact Person: No phone calls please
    E-mail: http://49ers.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/default.cfm
    Web Site: http://www.49ers.com


    Job Title: Publications Specialist
    Reports To: Director of Public Relations

    Primary Responsibilities: Manage the production and operation of all team-related publications.

    • Work with the executive team to develop a strategic direction for all 49ers publications, execute and manage the process.
    • Interact with a variety of departments to insure that the appropriate organizational messages are delivered to the public through our publications.
    • Work with marketing to manage our advertising commitments.
    • Write feature stories for publications and web site.
    • Provide creative ideas for features and designs.
    • Exercise discretion and independent judgment on the page layout, picture usage and layout for publications. Coordinate design work with in-house designer.
    • Establish and maintain consistency throughout publications.
    • Create 49ers style guide for printers/designers to follow.
    • Gather bids for all publication projects and work within budget.
    • Develop and maintain team photo library and archive, including a community photo library.
    • Provide direction and procedures for team photographers by providing assignments of needed shots and schedule.
    • Coordinate the 49ers Weekend page in the San Francisco Examiner.
    • Assist in the coordination of the team’s media activities, including game day worker coordination to deliver quotes and stats, assist with game day notes and media interviews during training camp.


    APR Preferred - PRSA Certification of public relations expertise

    • Education/Experience: Minimum four-year college degree with at least 4 years of publications and writing experience. Sports experience is a plus.

    • Knowledge and experience in desktop publishing is important.
    • Proven experience managing budgets and meeting deadlines.
    • Ability to work game days as required

    How To Apply:

    Apply online through http://49ers.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/default.cfm
  2. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    So there's no requirement for experience making videos?
  3. pallister

    pallister Guest

    Nice one, Doc.

    And the degree requirement gets me every time. I knew learning on the job in my younger days would come back to haunt me.
  4. Dan Rydell

    Dan Rydell Guest

    Don't let that stop you. If you've got good, solid experience for a job you're interested in, go after it. You should be prepared to discuss your lack of degree if/when they ask, and how you handle that could satisfy their concerns.

    I know plenty of people without degrees who did well in this business when given the chance, and usually it was because they worked so hard to prove themselves once given the opportunity.
  5. Birdscribe

    Birdscribe Active Member

    The APR/PRSA required certification is the most bogus requirement on this listing.

    More people in the PR industry don't have this than do and it's not really necessary to prove ability or competence. It's a shiny gew-gaw
  6. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    It's a way to tailor-write a job ad to make sure you hire a certain someone.
  7. Stupid

    Stupid Member

    Ah, I remember years ago working for the outside contractor that handled nearly all the 49ers publications. Sounds like the 2007 version of Rodney Knox has a lot more to do.
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