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Preps/college writer - Daytona Beach News-Journal

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by ScottZucker, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. ScottZucker

    ScottZucker New Member

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal is looking for a preps/college sports writer to help cover 16 area high schools and three local colleges (Bethune-Cookman University, Stetson University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University). You will also contribute coverage of the Daytona 500 and the local minor league baseball team. Candidates should have at least two years of experience and are expected to be able to write strong features, enterprise and game stories while building a strong social media following. You'll be expected to think digitally with an emphasis on video reporting. You should be a strong team player who can collaborate with a veteran staff of talented sports reporters. Applicants from Florida and the Southeast are encouraged to apply. Please email a cover letter, resume and three clips to: Human Resources, The Daytona Beach News-Journal at HR@news-jrnl.com. No phone calls, please. EOE.
  2. Suggswriter

    Suggswriter Member

    Excited about this.
  3. RBluhm

    RBluhm New Member

    Loved my time there. Great people to work with -- lots of changes since then. Many of my friends were laid off when it was sold to Halifax, now it's a GateHouse shop, so I'm glad to see they are hiring some.
  4. dailygrind

    dailygrind Member

    This is my old job. Happy to answer any questions.
  5. melock

    melock Well-Known Member

    What's the salary range??
  6. ScottZucker

    ScottZucker New Member

    We've had a huge response to this (who doesn't these days). Thank you to all who have applied.
    The process is ongoing, but we've starting calling the top candidates and are bringing people in for interviews over the next week or two.
    I don't imagine we'll bring in more than two or three candidates.
    If you're interested and qualified, you should get your stuff in this week.
  7. JoshBarnett

    JoshBarnett Member

    Scott is a good man and editor who will help make you better. That alone makes this an attractive gig.
    Izzy Gould likes this.
  8. ScottZucker

    ScottZucker New Member

    We have made an offer and expect to have an official announcement shortly. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who applied. And thanks to Josh Barnett for acting as my hype man.
  9. ScottZucker

    ScottZucker New Member

    Zach Dean from the Treasure Coast newspapers has officially accepted this position. He starts May 2.
  10. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Paging Treasure Coast for an opening in 3... 2... 1... ;)

    Congratulations to Zach!
  11. dailygrind

    dailygrind Member

    Good luck Zach. Huge shoes to fill. HUGE.
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