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PR Manager, USA Shooting, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by playthrough, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member


    Media and Public Relations Manager - USA Shooting (Colorado Springs, CO)

    Job Description

    USA Shooting is the National Governing Body for Olympic shooting, and is based on the Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs, CO. For more information on USA Shooting, go to http://www.usashooting.org.

    USA Shooting will accept applications for the Media and Public Relations manager until Friday, February 5th. Applications should include a cover letter and resume, as well as writing samples or website link to recent work in the Media/PR field.

    Applicants must possess at least a Bachelor of Arts degree in a relevant field, with strong skills in writing and editing, working in a web-based environment, video and print media production, as well as photo and graphics editing. Magazine layout and publication skills desired. Coordinating with media outlets and athletes to publish interviews and features is a major element of this position. In addition, the Media and PR manager will work closely with the USA Shooting Marketing department to increase brand recognition and exposure. A sports background and experience in the firearms industry is desired.


    RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director

    Other USA Shooting departments with emphasis on the Marketing Department & USA Shooting Team Foundation, sponsors, as well as allied organizations, USOC Media Relations, coaches, athletes, and other media outlets.

    Responsible for promoting a positive image of USA Shooting and increasing the organization’s visibility. Issues all media announcements and official USAS positions. Responsible for the publication of the organization’s bi-monthly magazine, USA Shooting News and electronic newsletter. Responsible for overall management of the organization website and related analytics. Other functions related to the media field, such as photography and graphics design, media training for staff and athletes, internet portals such as facebook and Twitter; coordinating Hall of Fame selection and ceremonies.

    Bachelor’s degree in public/media relations, communications or equivalent, and a minimum of three years relevant experience. Maturity and judgment to direct and coordinate efforts of the media office. Ability to collaborate with other agencies and departments. Knowledge and capability with current computer applications (Adobe Creative Suite; Windows XP/7, Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint) as well as the capability to work effectively with electronic communications. Photography skills as related to media requirements. Capability with basic video capture/editing skills. Ability to prioritize projects, manage time efficiently, handle details and follow several projects simultaneously to conclusion. Copy writing ability and layout experience is required. Experience in a web-based environment is desired. Experience in the firearms industry and/or a sport background is a valuable qualification, although not required.

    1. Promote a positive image of USA Shooting as the national governing body of the Olympic sport of shooting.
    2. Work with staff and appropriate groups to identify and implement public relations policies and goals of USA Shooting.
    3. Create an annual action plan with timelines for media activities and requirements.
    4. Prepare an annual budget for the public relations department and operate within established parameters.
    5. Maintain lists (mail & electronic) of national and hometown media contacts.
    6. Publicize upcoming events, athlete achievements, competition results and other newsworthy subjects. Work closely with the Competitions Division for efficient coverage of competitive events, ceremonies, event results, and other significant activities
    7. Maintain current athlete biographies and photo file for all team members.
    8. Publish a media guide, develop press kits and coordinate media presence at key events.
    9. Coordinate with USOC and ISSF media offices to provide press coverage of major shooting events.
    10. Respond to inquiries for information on USA Shooting teams, and individual athletes.
    11. Provide resource for hometown and national media for information on international shooting from grassroots through Olympic level of competition.
    12. Work on-site at key competitions to provide news opportunities for print and broadcast.
    13. Manage the International Shooting Hall of Fame & Athlete of the Year programs.
    14. Write features and provide information as requested for publications within and outside of the shooting industry.
    15. Assist the USAS staff with their desktop publishing projects such as flyers and brochures.
    16. Assure the accuracy of all information disseminated by the public relations office.
    17. Manage USA Shooting’s internet website, to include social network portals.
    18. Serve as the organization photographer for internal and external requirements.
    19. Publish the bi-monthly magazine (USA Shooting News), including editing, layout, copy, photography, ad sales, and content management.
    20. Perform other duties as assigned.

    Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

    1. Yes/No: Do you have three years of experience in this field?
    2. Yes/No: Do you have a Bachelor or Arts degree in a related field?
    3. Yes/No: Do you have experience in writing and editing press releases on event results, features, bios/spotlights?
    4. Yes/No: Are you comfortable in a web-based environment?
    5. Yes/No: Do you have magazing publishing experience? Layouts, design, content, ad sales?
    6. Yes/No: Do you have experience in brand marketing and development?
    7. Yes/No: Are you comfortable in a collaborative environment that spans all company departments and entities?
    8. Yes/No: Are you highly organized, efficient, and responsive?
    9. Yes/No: Are you proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office, or similar applications?
    10. Yes/No: Do you have photo and graphic editing skills?
  2. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    ...no, doesn't look like you need to have experience with guns. Or have played in the NBA. Zing!
  3. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    Nothing gets people more excited about shooting than Twitter and Facebook.
  4. SixToe

    SixToe Active Member

    This is a good position but has been woefully handled in the past, as if they did not want any coverage at all.

    A good person who can build and rebuild bridges could do well in this job.
  5. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    Hope you like helicopters, because this one's directly beneath a major flight corridor leaving from Ft. Carson's Butts Army Airfield.
  6. SixToe

    SixToe Active Member

    After checking with friends, I'm told this position has been held by three people in the last two years.
  7. partain

    partain Member

    I considered applying for this spot a few years back, but it doesn't pay very well. Compared to a lot of small to medium size newspapers, the pay is pretty similar or better. I think they were somewhere between $30 and $35 thousand a year when I talked to them.

    Most of the small national governing bodies don't pay any better than your average newspaper. However, the jobs tend to be a little more secure right now. And that might be worth considering a pay cut if you think you won't survive the next round of layoffs.
  8. $30-35 k per year is a great starting salary in sports PR... There seems to be this misperception that the SID's and PR Directors are paid more than the beat writers, when in reality the pay scale is fairly similar. It starts out at barely livable wages, then you work your way up to modest wages, all the while holding out hope that you can land one of the big salaried jobs.

    Anyone with 3 years of experience in sports PR already knows this... Most of those kids would jump at the opportunity to get paid 35K per year ... while living in Colorado Springs.

    Geez - Is everyone just hoping their DREAM JOB gets posted on these boards?
  9. partain

    partain Member

    Cubby, my point was it would have been a decent pay cut for me to take the position. I realize there are a lot of people who come here that would jump at the chance to make $35,000 a year. It wasn't that long ago that I would have.

    The best part for many about a job like this would be some added job security. Most of the smaller governing bodies run on relatively lean staffs and have no room for layoffs.
  10. Partain - I didn't mean to sound like I was taking that out on you. That was in response to a number of younger kids who want to switch over to the media relations portion of the business, yet they crap on opportunities like this. It's as if they want Jerry Jones to call them up tomorrow and offer them $100 grand to be the PR Director for the Cowboys. I just want these younger folks to get the lowdown on that side of the business from someone who has lived through it.

    We work long hours. We make no money. We work for teams or organizations that you've never heard of. Our stadiums/arenas are half-filled on good nights. We're lucky to get a beat writer cover 50% of our games. Sports PR isn't glamorous - nor is sports journalism. We do it 'cause we love it. And we hope that one day, we'll be better compensated for it.

    That's my two cents. Any young kid who wants to get into sports PR and doesn't apply for this job... you're an idiot.
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