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Potential opportunity

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by TaskForceMedia, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. TaskForceMedia

    TaskForceMedia New Member

    Task Force Media is putting together a nationwide network of experienced sportswriters that will provide its client newspapers with customized coverage of games and events outside their markets.

    TFM is a recent start-up. The business plan calls for papers to contract with TFM to handle their freelancing needs, and TFM would then pay its writers as subcontractors. So far, nearly two dozen publications have expressed interest, although none have signed a contract to date.

    TFM is interested in using only experienced reporters, and therefore plans to compensate writers at the higher end of the freelance scale.

    There is no cost to join TFM's stable of writers, and your only obligation would be to sign a fairly standard freelance contract with TFM once you start getting assignments through the company.

    If you are interested, please email a copy of your resume, at least two references, and links to clips if you have them to editor(at)taskforcemedia.com.

    You can submit any questions to the same email address.

    Finally, TFM apologizes for posting a request that contains no actually guarantee of work, and accepts whatever criticism comes its way for doing so.
  2. NickMordo

    NickMordo Active Member

    What do you mean by "experienced"?
  3. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    Your website isn't even up. How are we supposed to take you seriously?
  4. TaskForceMedia

    TaskForceMedia New Member

    TFM expects its writers to have published pro and/or collegiate game stories in commercial publications. As a rule (with exceptions), this does not include writers whose resume is limited to writing only for their university papers.
  5. TaskForceMedia

    TaskForceMedia New Member

    There is no reason to take Task Force Media seriously if having a completed website is your determining factor.
    However, you may choose to take the venture seriously if you consider other details. TFM is serious about recruiting writers both through SportsJournalists.com and through other avenues. And TFM is serious about aggressively pursuing clients through various means, including but not limited to attending the APSE meeting last month in Pittsburgh as a vendor.
    Even if you choose not to take TFM seriously, signing up with the service costs you nothing but the price of emailing your resume, clips and references to the address listed in the original post.
    For those of you who chose not to take TFM seriously until its website is fully functional, please know the site is under construction and we'll post notice on this board when it is up and running.
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