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Poll finds 40 percent of sports reporters gamble on sports

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by As The Crow Flies, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Hmmmm. Interesting.

  2. kleeda

    kleeda Active Member

    More like ... disgusting.
  3. Yeah. That's probably a better word. There's levels to this, though. A prep writer betting some money on the NFL isn't that big of a deal, at least to me. Betting on the sport you cover obviously is.
  4. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Nothing new here.
  5. Twoback

    Twoback Active Member

    Forty percent of sports reporters admitted in a recent survey to gambling on sports, while 5% said they had bet on sports they had covered.

    This is where the old headline tense thing can be a little misleading.
    How is the question phrased?
    "Have you ever gambled on sports?" is different than "Do you actively gamble on sports?"
    I know a guy who has placed some NFL bets in Vegas, but that person doesn't cover the NFL, and his activitily would consist of fewer than four bets in the past decade. Would that person be included in the 40 percent?
  6. Walter_Sobchak

    Walter_Sobchak Active Member

    A few things:

    1. I'm not sure what to think of the survey's title: "Sports Coverage: Toy Department or Public-Service Journalism."
    2. If you're a beat writer for the Lions, is it unequivocally wrong to place a bet on the Super Bowl?
    3. Is it wrong for NFL/MLB writers to participate in fantasy football/baseball leagues for money?
  7. imjustagirl

    imjustagirl Active Member

    1. Does this include horse racing?
    2. Does this include pools in the press boxes/media centers?
    3. Does this include NCAA tournament pools?

    I mean, there's all kinds of gray area here.
  8. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    That number is incredibly low.
  9. Cousin Jeffrey

    Cousin Jeffrey Active Member

  10. BTExpress

    BTExpress Well-Known Member

    It's good that sports journalists are highly compensated so that throwing money down the toilet doesn't really matter.
  11. beardpuller

    beardpuller Active Member

    I'm surprised and not too sure I believe this, depending on, as others have said, how the question was worded.
  12. I don't think they surveyed anyone on here. And I would love to know the papers they took this poll from.
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