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Discussion in 'Online Journalism' started by JBondurant804, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. JBondurant804

    JBondurant804 Member

    I have some experience doing podcasts not related to sports or my job, but I was thinking about maybe starting one dealing more with my specific beats and pitching it to my editor.

    Do any of you at your specific papers do anything like that, and if so, is it well-received? And if so, do you have any suggestions on a specific length? Some popular podcasts are like 15-20 minutes, others are 45 minutes to an hour, and others can be longer than that.

    Also, for you tech savvy folks, I record using a newer version of Abelton. Do any of you know how to record Skype conversations into Abelton, or is there a way to record a cell phone call into Abelton if I tried to connect my phone to my recording interface?
  2. spikechiquet

    spikechiquet Well-Known Member

    I can't talk tech about it anymore since it's been a good 6-7 years since I vlogged.
    I was the SE of a twice weekly and did a weekly preview vlog on Weds. of the big games on Friday and we podcasted a weekly sports show as well in a roundtable/bar-room talk setting. I also would tape games and then edit them into a highlight package and voiceover, like it would have been on a local TV sportscast.
    It was all well received.
    We never went over 30 minutes in the roundtable podcast, my vlogs never topped 10 minutes.

    I'll send you a few links of my work, just so you can see how it was.
  3. Precious Roy

    Precious Roy Active Member

    We used BlogTalkRadio to host and record an hour-long weekly show for our blog (was paper people talking but was not "paper affiliated"). Recorded with cell phones after a while because my internet is so bad where I live my Skype call in would just cut out for minutes at a time, leaving my co-host just wading through the weeds. It took a few weeks to build an audience, but we were at a little over 1,000 listeners before I had to pull the plug because my schedule was so hectic and it was just draining money from me (BTR fee to get to an hour, Skype time, etc...). I loved doing it, and would jump right back in and use the free half hour block if I had the time.
  4. valpo87

    valpo87 Guest

    Funny to see this thread. A friend of mine wants to do a podcast but not tied with my current journalism job. Its going to basically be a musician and a writer (that's me, just so you know) telling funny stories from our lives. He has the recording studio and I have radio experience. There might be a few beers in there.

    The reason I say this is my boss doesn't mind that I want to do podcasts and do cartoon voice overs. That just might be because I work in a laid back office.
  5. Houston1

    Houston1 Guest

    I think it took a few weeks to build an audience, but we were at a little over 1,000 listeners before I had to pull the plug because my schedule was so hectic and it was just draining money from me.I loved doing it.
  6. krmcguire

    krmcguire New Member

    I do the CrystalBallRun.com podcast. When possible I try to conduct an interview in Skype, beacsue it sounds so much nicer than on the phone. I am pretty primitive in my recording process. If I have to do one on the phone I put my phone on speaker and place it closer to the laptop's microphone.

    When I do get to record a conversation on Skype I use Audio HiJack Pro. Really easy to use and get set up -- You can use it with a number of various applications in addition to Skype -- and the sound quality is just fine. The program rips an audio file as soon as it picks up a sound in the app and when you are done you can add the audio to your audio editing software and clean it up to your liking.

    You can download a copy of the software for free, but it comes with a trial period. You can use it after the trial period expires but your features will be limited (including recording time). I think it was worth paying for at a decent price.
  7. I don't use Abelton, and have no idea what that is, and I use GarageBand to mix our show. I can't speak on that side of it.

    I run Skype into my computer and then into my mixer and then into my recording device. You can have people call into your Skype number with their cell phone and record that just as if you're talking to someone actually using Skype.

    Our podcast is well-received, no doubt, but it's not clear to me if it's worth our time. It don't think it fuels subscriptions.

    Don't use your Skype computer to record what comes into Skype. It will crash sooner or later and you will be pissed.
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