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Plain Dealer Pulitzer winner, ombudsman bicker in comments

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by TheSportsPredictor, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    I use the word ombudsman as it is more familiar than what the PD bills Ted Diadiun as: reader representative. When he writes, he basically does it as an ombudsman would.

    Anyway, in his column yesterday he took on media impartiality. The first comment was about PD columnist and Pulitzer winner Connie Schultz, who is married to U.S. senator Sherrod Brown. Diadiun took the bait and followed up a bit later with, "A lot of us are troubled by the obvious conflict." That prompted a response from Schultz, and several follow-ups from Diadiun with phrases such as "Perhaps I should clarify" and "Please take another look at what I wrote" and "Sorry I didn't make myself more clear."

    God bless the PD comments pages. They provide more soap opera than the paper itself, from the PD outing a judge who commented on there to the editor writing a column about how people need to clean up their act in comments, to this:

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