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Pick the Draft

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by The GLM Group, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. The GLM Group

    The GLM Group New Member

    Pick the Draft is looking for a Content Manager. Responsibilities include:

    1. Initially responsibility for all content posted on the Pick the Draft website. This will include content from:
    a. The Content Manager
    b. Content Providers
    c. Freelance Writers
    d. Pick the Draft Members
    e. Ownership
    f. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
    g. Content posted on the Pick the Draft social media forum
    h. Up-to-date scores from the world of sports
    i. Any other media outlet deemed worthwhile
    2. Aid in the development of the Pick the Draft website and administrator tools
    3. Create, develop, organize and manage a staff of Content Providers in order to provide the robust and varied content necessary
    4. Analyze website feedback in order to provide the content is of interest to our members
    5. Work directly with the Ownership Group to ensure our content is timely, relevant, and accurate
    6. Ensure opinion articles are fact-based, yet possibly outside the mainstream view

    Compensation includes up to the following:

    1. Up to $5K in upfront earnest money
    2. Up to $1,000 per week in salary
    3. Based upon membership milestones, an equity position in the company of up to 2-1/2%
    4. Additional cash bonuses, also based upon a percentage monies received from memberships

    If interested, please email me at longlegz36@gmail.com. Please, serious inquiries only!
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