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Part-Time Sports Reporter Gig -- Wisconsin State Journal

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Mira, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Mira

    Mira Member

    Seems like there's quite a few openings in Wisconsin of late. Here's another:

    The Wisconsin State Journal seeks a part-time multimedia sports journalist who will cover high school sports for our print and online products. This position includes benefits.

    Key points:

    Hours: 30 per week on annual average; more during busy times, fewer during the summer.

    Home base: Madison. Some office hours are required, but most work will be done from home or event sites.

    Print duties: Provide coverage across the entire spectrum of all high school sports. The Big Eight Conference will be a point of focus. Must be able to handle deadline reporting, features, investigative projects, pre-season preview and post-season awards packages.

    Online duties: Will be required to create at least five blog posts of news tidbits per week, use Twitter and other social media for live updates during events and to enhance the company’s online presence; produce short video clips (interview, key play, celebration, etc.) from at least 75 percent of events covered in person; take head-and-shoulders photos as needed.

    Sports knowledge: Must be well-versed with rules, concepts and terminology of high school sports, statistics-keeping and how to create and interpret box scores.

    Developing sources: Strong interviewing skills and the ability to develop contacts within the high school sports community (from athletes to coaches to administrators to parents) are a must.

    Technology: Must be comfortable mastering required computer programs, including our online statistics-input system; must be able to use consumer-grade items such as a FlipCam and iPhone.

    Intangibles: We seek a diligent go-getter who can be depended upon to satisfactorily and creatively complete assigned tasks on time, accurately, with a minimum of hand-holding. Knowledge of the area and local prep sports history is a plus.

    Other requirements: Must have a vehicle, insurance and a good driving record. Firm understanding of journalistic ethics, AP style and accuracy on deadline are required.

    Candidates must apply online at www.jobs.capitalnewspapers.com. Attach no more than five writing samples. The application deadline is December 24, 2013.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 1901 Fish Hatchery Road, Madison, WI 53713
  2. Madison Sports

    Madison Sports New Member

    A note to those interested:

    HR apparently made a mistake when creating this position announcement. It's listed with a location of Baraboo (a sister paper to the north) instead of Madison. When we pointed this out, we were told that fixing it would require a re-post that would cause new problems, including a risk of vaporizing all the applications we have received to date and delaying the process for as long as two additional weeks. So it stands.

    To find the position, go here


    and enter job number


    The is one of two lead preps writing positions. It's 95 or more percent reporting/writing/multimedia, with regular (but not overbearing) video and Twitter components. We try hard to keep this position clear of desk work and data entry (rosters/schedules).

    We'd strongly prefer someone with experience covering a preps beat (tough issues included), with proven experience developing and mining sources for information. Someone who can turn a sharp game story around on a tight deadline. Someone who doesn't need to be taught every little step of covering a beat thoroughly, tenaciously and fairly -- but, on the other hand, someone who doesn't walk in thinking they already know it all. The successful candidate will leave this position a better journalist than he/she was when coming in.

    Benefits (pro-rated paid time off, access to medical plan) are included. Hours are regular enough that the successful candidate can work in a secondary part-time gig during the day, so long as we come first.

  3. Madison Sports

    Madison Sports New Member

    We are pleased to report the hiring of Jason Galloway, formerly of the Opelika-Auburn News in Alabama. He moved to Madison last summer and has been a terrific stringer for us. He stood out from a very strong field of applicants.

    There is one downside: We're going to need one or two dead-solid perfect prep stringers to replace Jason.
  4. Mike Szvetitz

    Mike Szvetitz Member

    Congrats, Jason and to State Journal. He'll do really, really well.
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