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Panama City FL

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by KJIM, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Who is leaving? Is it Shoot?
  2. udubwazzu

    udubwazzu New Member

    Correct. He's been there nearly five years and after covering FSU football for the past three seasons is looking for a bigger market. I think he wants the challenge of a new beat.
  3. udubwazzu

    udubwazzu New Member

    Exactly. The Florida beat writer is taking over the FSU beat. It's not that the FSU beat is considered any more important than the UF beat. The guy who is taking over as the senior reporter was given the choice, and no one can blame him for wanting to cut his drive time in half.
  4. WSKY

    WSKY Member

    Bowden is much nicer than Urban, that's the real reason.
  5. Lord_Gordon

    Lord_Gordon New Member

    Udub or anyone else who knows...

    How often do residents have to board up their houses and flee town due to hurricanes and other tropical storms? I just saw on the news TV that West Floridians were boarding up and preparing for Alberto. To me that seems to be the biggest point of concern -- especially after what happened with Katrina.
  6. udubwazzu

    udubwazzu New Member

    Hurricane Ivan blasted Pensacola, snapping in half trees that outdated the city and tearing apart the bridge spanning Pensacola Bay. It wasn't Katrina, but it wasn't something to scoff at either. We had more than two dozen tornadoes touch down in our readership area that day, including one that brushed the side of The News Herald (which held up just fine). I don't want to suggest that someone should simply ride out a hurricane, especially if you have a family. If a Category 4 or 5 is bearing down on Panama City, you'll find me in Utah with hot water, an Internet connection and cable TV.
  7. Mighty_Wingman

    Mighty_Wingman Active Member

    Panama City to Utah.

    Hell of a trip, in more ways than one.
  8. SEWnSO

    SEWnSO Member

    udub - Got any idea bout the salary?
  9. udubwazzu

    udubwazzu New Member

    My guess is it's based on experience. I should have mentioned this earlier, but they pay in Turkish lira.
  10. NDub

    NDub Guest

    Cripes. One semester of school left and a job opens up that I'm seriously interested in. Too bad this won't be open come December.

    It would be quite strange, though, if I were to get a job there since I've been one of those spring breakers from the Midwest that have hit up PCB the past two years.
  11. When is the paper going to narrow down its finalists and start calling people/when is Shoot scheduled to leave?
  12. udubwazzu

    udubwazzu New Member

    I don't know what the timeframe is on narrowing down the field. Jason Shoot is leaving in mid-July, but I don't know how much bearing that has on when the position is filled. As for you, NDub, I'd be sure to mention all your conquests during Spring Break if you apply in the future. ;D
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