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Olympic Revenue Deal Positions U.S. to Host Games

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by YankeeFan, May 23, 2012.

  1. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    Who bids, who gets it, and when?

  2. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    Denver, 2022.
  3. Baron Scicluna

    Baron Scicluna Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but who's going to edit all the Olympic copy coming in?
  4. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    Makes sense. Fewer cities compete for Winter Olympics, and I don't think the little resort towns that used to get them will in the future. They need bigger cities. (Sort of like the NCAA tournament playing the Final Four in stadiums as opposed to arenas.)
  5. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    Will Colorado support it after blowing its chance the last time it was awarded the Winter Olympics?
  6. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    There is always a Tahoe committee bidding on bringing the Games back to Squaw Valley whenever they return to the U.S. Lately they have brought Reno proper into the bid, which would answer the question of hotels and other lodging. They have some decent highways/thoroughfares now that could lend themselves to it, too.

    Not as convenient as Denver, certainly.
  7. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Keep an eye on Dallas for 2024. My guess is the USOC will bid for a Summer Games first. There has been a longer gap without a Summer Olympiad here and my guess is the IOC would rather see them host a Summer next rather than a Winter.
  8. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    What's the closest major ski area to Denver? Vail? Aspen?
  9. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    The U.S. will not host another Olympics in the next 40 years. Nor should it particularly want to.
  10. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, and Keystone are closer.
  11. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    Isn't Winter Park the closest? I know it has undergone major development recently. Don't know if it has good enough slopes to make an Olympic-caliber run, though.
  12. novelist_wannabe

    novelist_wannabe Well-Known Member

    Wasn't Chicago in the running for the 2012 games? Why wouldn't they bid again?

    Edit: It was 2016.
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