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Oklahoma football beat writer - The Oklahoman

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by ReyHeath, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. ReyHeath

    ReyHeath Member

    From Mike Sherman's blog:

    We’re hiring a new University of Oklahoma football writer. You can read the job description below.
    I’ll have more to say on this opening later, and I’m also interested in your feedback on what you look for from our OU coverage.

    The Oklahoman is hiring a strong storyteller and passionate journalist to cover University of Oklahoma football for our award-winning sports section and website, NewsOK.com. Our next OU football writer will engage readers across all platforms by:
    – Breaking news on the No. 1 reader-interest topic we cover;
    – Writing memorable features, enterprise, project and game stories;
    – Making our OU blog a must-read throughout the day;
    – Building deep relationships with sources and readers using social media and old-fashioned tools like conversation;
    – Being as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one;
    – Contributing to and collaborating with a team of journalists to serve a readership captivated by sports and how we cover it.
    If you’re committed to all this and helping us get better, please send a cover letter, writing samples and examples of your best digital work to:
    Mike Sherman
    Sports Editor
    The Oklahoman/NewsOK
    9000 N. Broadway
    Oklahoma City, OK 73125
    Twitter: @MikeSherman
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Michael.O.Sherman

  2. chase.colston

    chase.colston Member

    I'll be happy to answer any questions about this one, and I'll answer as best I can. I've been away from Oklahoma City for about two years now, but I can give a good feel on the place.

    I don't have to say it, but this is the biggest beat at the paper, period.

    Mike Sherman is an awesome guy and as good as they come as far as sports editors go. He loves ideas, inventive storytelling and is extremely passionate about the business. Ryan Sharp, the ASE and direct supervisor to this job, is another great guy. I greatly enjoyed working for both during my time there. Being his nature and the impact of this beat, Mike will push you, often to the limits, because he'll know what his expectations are and he expects that from all of his writers.

    Other points that are noteworthy:
    -- Cost of living in OKC/Norman is dirt cheap.
    -- You only get 3.2% beer unless you buy it at the liquor store. Then it's stupid expensive.
    -- The city and state are not attractive in the least.
    -- I don't know how much they've changed since I left, but The Oklahoman's benefits are the best I've ever heard of at a newspaper.
    -- The paper obviously hasn't been immune to layoffs, buyouts, etc., but if there were a safe job at the paper, it's this one.
    -- The paper's website, NewsOK.com, is absolutely fantastic. And they make money off it.
    -- There is a strong possibility Berry Tramel will buy you lunch your first day on the job.
    -- Contrary to opinion in the sports department, the Mexican food and barbecue in the OKC area blows.
    -- The paper is owned by the Gaylord family, a name that also is attached to OU's football stadium.

    I don't have to say it, but readers in Oklahoma are beyond rabid about OU football. It's not uncommon for a daily OU football notebook to be the most-read story on the website, by thousands of hits. When Barry Switzer farts, it's news.

    I can try to answer any other questions if you want to PM me.
  3. Larry Holder

    Larry Holder New Member

    Deserves another thread, but the Oklahoma State gig is open, too, via Mike Sherman's blog http://bit.ly/oavVah.
  4. BillBootz

    BillBootz New Member

    Hi folks. I'm not involved in the hiring of this position, but I can answer a few questions about this position. PM me if you'd like A few things about myself:
    1) I have been at the paper 11 years.
    2) I have been a resident of Oklahoma City for 38 years.
    First, the city and state. To counter some previous comments, yes, there are some not-so-desirable parts of the state. But east of I-35, it starts to approach the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri, so there are hills and it is very lush. Eastern Oklahoma City is part of that.
    Oklahoma City is no Dallas, that is for sure. But it has a spirit few cities have. After the Murrah federal building bombing in 1995, this city was at an all-time low. Since that time, the city has, among other things, 1) A prosperous and energetic downtown area called Bricktown, with a canal that leads from the Oklahoma River, 2) On said river, there is kayaking and rowing and it is the home of U.S. Rowing, 3) A growing restaurant scene, led by Big Truck Tacos, as seen on the Food Network, and 4) an NBA team, which sold out the majority of its games this season and made it to the NBA Western Conference finals. For a city on its last legs just 16 years ago, this city has come very, very far. The cost of living is low, and it's a growing city AND metropolitan area, something that cities like St. Louis, Cleveland and Detroit cannot claim. And one of the owners of the Thunder is building a 900-foot skyscraper downtown, the first in many years. This city has been on a prolonged upswing since 1995.
    The paper has had its ups and downs, but there is no question that the OU beat writer is one of if not the king of sports, and maybe of writers, at the paper. OU football is only rivaled by weather as the most popular topic in the paper and on the website. And you will be working with an excellent stable of writers. Our Thunder coverage, visuals and design was so good that we had an increase in circulation for the dead tree product.
  5. writingump

    writingump Member

    Two big-boy jobs here for sure. Expect about 11 zillion resumes for them.
  6. BrianGriffin

    BrianGriffin Active Member

    This is definitely one to line up for. Question one, for me at least, is what exactly is the competition going to be from ESPN (cross threading)?
  7. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    I'll add a few things as well.

    1. The Oklahoman is one of my favorite papers to read when I'm on spring travels anywhere near there. The paper gets that Oklahoma City is sports-crazy, especially with the Thunder. Any MLB franchise in need of moving should consider this area.

    2. South of town, toward Norman and the campus area, there's a lot of big-box retail and restaurant sites, so if you're looking for the creature comforts and familiar places head south on 35.

    3. Bricktown is as advertised. The ballpark is nice, and the surrounding area has been developed even nicer.

    4. If you're not a fan of wild weather, this is NOT your city. OKC is along the ice-storm belt so winters can be a little nuts. April through June can be a bitch as well, especially since it's Tornado Alley.
  8. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    I've always been a big fan of the section. They do a hell of a job there.
  9. chase.colston

    chase.colston Member

    I knew my "attractive" comment would rile up the Okies. Love ya', Bill!

    I did forget to mention the OSU job is open, too, but someone took care of that.

    Seal of approval, and good luck to everyone.
  10. JPsT

    JPsT Member

    East Coast guys can say what they want. Love OKC. Love what The Oklahoman does.
  11. JRoyal

    JRoyal Well-Known Member

    I've learned my lesson about sounding off on the Oklahoman on here, but I'll say this little bit: I've heard almost exclusively good things about Mike Sherman, and I've not heard a bad word about Ryan Sharp yet. I won't lie; I was hoping he'd toss his name in the hat when our SE job was open (we got a good one, though). They do things well down there in Oklahoma City, even if their design doesn't measure up to ours (that's just a teasing jab at Bill from the guy in charge of design in Tulsa; Bill does awesome work down there).

    As for the state and city, I'm biased toward Oklahoma because I was born and raised here, and I love it. The summers are hot as hell, the winters can be anything from hardly any real snow to full-on blizzards, and it's tornado central in the spring. But the people are salt of the earth for the most part, even if they can be a little, well, I'll just say regressive. The downtown area is much better than it was when I was in school, and while it may not be as cool as some cities, there's a lot to offer.
  12. Precious Roy

    Precious Roy Active Member

    As another born and bred Oklahoman, I have to agree with all this right here. Makes me a little sick to agree this much with Royal (friendly jab).
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