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Oh say can you see

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by KJIM, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. KJIM

    KJIM Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, what do you do during the national anthem(s) at events you cover?

    I always stand up and, unless I am still calling in lineups, I watch the flag, team, anthem singer or something muted like that. If I am still on the phone, I will duck down on the floor and finish as quietly as possible, then stand. And I always, turn my cell phone ringer on vibrate.

    I don't think I'm in the minority, but I have noticed many times, fellow writers talking, making fun of the atmosphere, writing, surfing the Internet and telling jokes or throwing around insults.

    I'm personally not comfortable with that, nor can I ever imagine me doing it, but is there some point you reach when you've covered enough sports to be able to just ignore the anthem(s)?
  2. Rosie

    Rosie Active Member

    At football games, I'm on the sidelines, so I stand, hand over heart, and look at the flag.

    If I'm in the press box, I stand, hand over heart, and look at the flag.

    Granted, the majority of sports I cover are HS, but I just cannot find it in myself to ignore the Anthem, regardless of what level sporting event I'm at.
  3. Appgrad05

    Appgrad05 Active Member

    There is one college football press box I frequent where the outside sound can be so muted that I've looked up and realized they are doing the anthem. In that situation, it's hard to call anyone on it and say they should be paying respect if the school isn't going to pipe in sound (like they do in-game).
  4. hang on ...

    you can't imagine fellow writers writing during the anthem but you have no problem talking on your cell during the anthem as long as you "duck down"?

  5. This is exactly what I do, too. The circumstances don't change just because I'm working.
  6. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Write is right... you can't call others out for not paying attention to the anthem, then say "if I'm still on the phone..."
    You've got to hold yourself to the same standard.
  7. JBHawkEye

    JBHawkEye Well-Known Member

    Always stand for the anthem.
  8. buckweaver

    buckweaver Active Member

    Always stand for the anthem.

    Always stand for "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

    Never stand for "God Bless America" (unless it's Kate Smith and I'm at a Flyers game, where it's traditional and appropriate.) If it's a playoff game on FOX or a nationally televised game on ESPN, those fucking faux-patriotic fucks can go fuck themselves.
  9. novelist_wannabe

    novelist_wannabe Well-Known Member

    I've developed misgivings about whether it should be played at every event. I think big-time sports has developed the mentality that it's required theatrics now, and in my mind that cheapens it. That said, having spent eight years in the national guard, I can't make myself disrespect the flag or the anthem. If I'm covering it, I stand, usually at parade rest. If I'm there as a fan, I'll put my hand over my heart and sing.
  10. cake in the rain

    cake in the rain Active Member

    One team I cover plays a god-awful, recorded choral rendition of the Anthem that seems to last for five minutes. It's painful. I try to find an excuse to duck out of the press box, grab a drink, go the restroom, etc., before it starts.

    Otherwise, I'll stand... although I might read e-mail or something while I'm standing.

    I've long said:
    1) We need a new anthem. Let's face it, our anthem really, really sucks, and no one can sing it.
    2) Teams shouldn't feel obligated to play the anthem at every single meaningless sporting event. Save it for the big stuff and it will have more meaning.
  11. buckweaver

    buckweaver Active Member

    I've long been an advocate of "America the Beautiful" or "This Land is Your Land" being the national anthem.

    The "Star-Spangled Banner" is a pretty poem about a mostly forgotten battle in a mostly forgotten war. It really doesn't fit as a National Anthem for this country. (That said, it's not like this is a new phenomenon. They've been playing the song that would become the NA at ballgames since 1917-18, and playing it regularly at the start of ballgames since the early 1930s.)

    At any rate, "America the Beautiful" is a much more appropriate choice -- and it would be just as emotionally touching at Olympic gold medal ceremonies and beginnings of ballgames, or wherever it's played.
  12. Babs

    Babs Member

    If I'm not busy during the anthem, I stand at attention. But sometimes I am looking something up online or replying to an urgent email. I make no apologies about it.

    If I'm getting paid for my work from being there, then dammit, I need to work, anthem or no. Sometimes those few minutes are just what I need to finish up something. I'm as patriotic as the next person, but again...working.
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