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Official SJ.com 2007 WSOP Fantasy Pool

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by CentralIllinoisan, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. CentralIllinoisan

    CentralIllinoisan Active Member

    Welcome to the inaugural SportsJournalists.com World Series of Poker Fantasy Pool for 2007.

    Since my love for poker is beyond measure, I thought I'd share my love with the rest of the class, by administering a pool for this year's 50K buy-in HORSE event and 10K buy-in main event. I know the points system below is clunky and hard to figure, but trust me, I stole it from Full Contact Poker's Fantasy Poker stuff and they run a nice pool over there, so ... Of course, we can streamline this as we see fit.

    ENTRIES BY 2PM CDT, JUNE 24. That's when cards go in the air for the 50K HORSE event!

    1) Select your "Final Table" of any 9 poker players -- and rank them 1 through 9. They can professional players, or your buddy who is going to play in the event. I don't care. Be specific on names, first and last; no nicknames.

    2) You will receive points for each of your players' finish in the two major events listed above: the 50K HORSE and 10K Main Event ONLY!

    3) You only receive points for each player that finishes in the final three tables or TOP 27 of each event.

    The scoring system is best explained by an example: You put Phil Hellmuth No. 2 on your list, and he takes 21st in the main event. You get 128 points from his place. That was achieved by taking his place (21st, worth 16 points) and multiplying it by his rank multiple (He's No. 2 on your list, so his finishes are multipled by 8 ).

    The same is done for each player, and the HIGHEST TOTAL WINS!!!

    TIE-BREAKER: 1) Have the winner of either or both event. 2) Number of combined cashes of your players.

    1st: 80 -- 9th: 40 -- 17th: 24 -- 25th: 8
    2nd: 75 -- 10th: 38 -- 18th: 22 -- 26th: 6
    3rd: 70 -- 11th: 36 -- 19th: 20 -- 27th: 4
    4th: 65 -- 12th: 34 -- 20th: 18
    5th: 60 -- 13th: 32 -- 21st: 16
    6th: 55 -- 14th: 30 -- 22nd: 14
    7th: 50 -- 15th: 28 -- 23rd: 12
    8th: 45 -- 16th: 26 -- 24th: 10

    Rank Multiple
    1: 9 -- 6: 4
    2: 8 -- 7: 3
    3: 7 -- 8: 2
    4: 6 -- 9: 1
    5: 5

    BONUS: You get a 10-point bonuses for every player you have make either of the two final tables!

    PRIZES: Top three will get various swag I picked up from the WSOP this year. The amount is yet to be determined. Included are two decks of the Bicycle Pro Poker Peek cards, and whatever else I feel like sending you. :)

    Please post your entries as follows:

    FINAL TABLE: The Nuts

    1. Teddy KGB
    2. Cincinnati Kid
    3. James Bond
    4. Huck Cheever
    5. Lancey Howard
    6. Mike McDermott
    7. Lester "Worm" Murphy
    8. Bret Maverick
    9. Doc Holliday
  2. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    only for you would or could I do this...
  3. CentralIllinoisan

    CentralIllinoisan Active Member

    Do what? Use no punctuation? :)
  4. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    yes. That too.
  5. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    I'll be in on this, but give me a chance to think about my team.
  6. CentralIllinoisan

    CentralIllinoisan Active Member

    I, too, will be crafting my team soon. Might be you and me, heads-up, GB, by the looks of things.
  7. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    I'll try to post a team too.
  8. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

  9. Cape_Fear

    Cape_Fear Active Member

    The Cape_Fear Cold Decks are in. Team to come.
  10. BigDog

    BigDog Active Member

    Final Table: Dese Nuts

    1. Allen Cunningham
    2. Phil Ivey
    3. Daniel Negraneau
    4. Phil Hellmuth
    5. Doyle Brunson
    6. Chip Reese
    7. Barry Greenstein
    8. Joe Hachem
    9. Erick Lindgren
  11. Jim Tom Pinch

    Jim Tom Pinch Active Member

    I'll play.

    Final Table: Abe Petrovsky
    1. Chip Reese
    2. Phil Ivey
    3. Johnny Chan
    4. Chau Giang
    5. Tuan Tran
    6. Gavin Smith
    7. Allen Cunningham
    8. Daniel Negreanu
    9. Robert Williamson III
  12. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    Stop Speaking Fuckin' Sputnik's final table:

    1. Phil Ivey
    2. Johnny Chan
    3. Barry Greenstein
    4. Menh Nguyen
    5. Phil Hellmuth
    6. Todd Brunson
    7. Daniel Negraneau
    8. Doyle Brunson
    9. T.J. Cloutier
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