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Obscure sports trivia

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Chef2, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Chef2

    Chef2 Well-Known Member

    Answer to the first hole in one on LIVE TV?

    Tony Jacklin.
  2. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

    Which NFL team currently has the longest drought since sending a quarterback to the Pro Bowl?
  3. cyclingwriter2

    cyclingwriter2 Well-Known Member

    The bills?
  4. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

  5. justgladtobehere

    justgladtobehere Well-Known Member

    The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.
  6. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

    No sir
  7. cyclingwriter2

    cyclingwriter2 Well-Known Member

    I was going to say the bear originally, but trubisky made it last year. I thoughts jets, but remember favre snuck in there. Ergo, the bills.

    So for my second guess: I’m thinking jags.
  8. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

    Nope. Hint: It's been 23 years, or 1995 season.
  9. cyclingwriter2

    cyclingwriter2 Well-Known Member

    Looked up the rosters. I don’t think I would have ever guessed them. They’ve had at least two well above average qbs since then. Totally surprised neither of them made a pro bowl.
  10. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I don't think you have the correct team in mind.
  11. cyclingwriter2

    cyclingwriter2 Well-Known Member

    Okay, maybe “well” was too much.
  12. MTM

    MTM Well-Known Member

    I looked it up so I won't answer, but I was surprised that the franchise has only produced two Pro Bowl QBs ever. That could be a record low, too.
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