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NYTimes series on NCAA scholarships.....

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by JR, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    This is the second part of a series that started yesterday.


    Some parents are delusional about their kids' ability and the majority of them have no clue that except for football and basketball, there ain't much money in the kitty for scholarships. The average for a NCAA Division 1 baseball scholarship is a little over $7,000.

    The Delaware men’s track coach, Jim Fischer, added: “I’m somewhat amazed that the question of scholarship money always comes up, even when it’s an athlete I haven’t shown much interest in and who clearly isn’t a college-level player. When I meet with them, I sit there thinking, this parent will never even ask about money because their kid would have trouble making some high school teams. But you know what? They ask for money, too.”

    Here's the link to the first article:


    I'd like to applaud Mr. Jolly and everyone at the NYT
  2. cranberry

    cranberry Well-Known Member

    Before we get too far on this thread, I'd like to congratulate Tom Jolly for yet more great enterprise work. Kudos Tom!
  3. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Oh, and there's a qreat quote in the first article from the women's field hockey coach at Villanova:

    “I dropped a good player because her dad was a jerk — all he ever talked to me about was scholarship money,” said Joanie Milhous, the field hockey coach at Villanova. “I don’t need that in my program. I recruit good, ethical parents as much as good, talented kids because, in the end, there’s a connection between the two.”

    Wow. Someone connects the dots between asshole parents and entitled children.
  4. zagoshe

    zagoshe Well-Known Member

    Someone named Mr.ScottNewman called to check in and say he liked this series, too....
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