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Notre Dame Writer/Editor Needed - Paid Position

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by GaSportsCraze, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. GaSportsCraze

    GaSportsCraze New Member

    Attention sports writers and bloggers: I'm looking for someone to fill a co-editor position at the FanSided Notre Dame Fighting Irish site, www.slapthesign.com This is an entry level, work from home, part-time paid position with creative content freedom. If you are interested please contact me at michael.collins@fansided.com
  2. Jake_Taylor

    Jake_Taylor Well-Known Member

    When you say paid, are we talking like fraction of a penny per click or an actual wage?
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  3. Suggswriter

    Suggswriter Member

  4. CarolinaGriff

    CarolinaGriff New Member

    I can shine a little light on this having been an editor of a FanSided college blog at one time. The pay is something I don't want to get into since it very well may have changed since I was there.

    The problem with most FanSided sites is the tremendous churn and turnover. Editors would take over sites only to leave after a set number of months without their post being filled or a plan put in place to ensure content was being put up, leaving sites dormant for months. Writers would come on board, only to leave after a while, leaving the editor needing to churn out days of content in order to reach their threshold. (I was fortunate to land a great kid out of college to serve as my co-editor; he moved on to better things a little while later.). Quality on some of these sites was atrocious, too. Social media was an afterthought for many sites, with most simply pumping out links without any effort being made to establish a Facebook/Twitter presence.

    However, I think that one of my main issues with FS is that they try to be many things to many people. While their core is sports, they've spread themselves too thin and have attempted to branch out into entertainment with mixed results. The intentions are good, but sustaining a site solely about Taylor Swift, the Kardashians, or Kanye West, in my opinion, wasn't the best call and as a result (inevitably), those sites sit dormant and have been for some time.

    Having said that, if you feel you can make it work, go for it. A lot of FS sites are very successful. You simply have to put in the time and put together the right staff to get it it that point.
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