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NFL Week 16: I knew Scott Zolak wore this number, and that's just sad.

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by YGBFKM, Dec 17, 2012.


    YGBFKM Guest

    No Thursday game, but the Lions can inch closer to irrelevance (once again) against the Falcons on Saturday.

    Sunday's best
    Redskins go for six straight at Philly: Letdown possible?
    Saints at Cowboys: Should be a shootout.
    Bengals at Steelers: Winner clinches a playoff berth with a win the following week.
    Vikings at Texans: Peterson continues his quest for 2,000 and more.
    Bears at Cardinals: Who knows which version of each will show up?
    Giants at Ravens: Someone has to win, right?
    49ers at Seahawks: More interest than any NFC West matchup in years.
  2. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    Heard Tony Dungy saying last night that he would sit RG3 one more week to be fully recovered for Cowboys. I don't know if the Skins can't count that one in the win column just yet, though.

    YGBFKM Guest

    Dungy should stick to mentoring Michael Vick.

    Ya, the Eagles are pretty pathetic, but they're capable of scoring enough points to pull off an upset if Cousins plays. RG3 is scheduled to practice Wednesday. I can't see him not playing after two weeks off. Of course, Shanahan will drag this out as long as possible.
  4. Mark2010

    Mark2010 Active Member

    You don't sit anybody at this point if they are healthy enough to contribute. Sometimes a guy can be hurt so badly that he just can't run, catch or throw worth a darn and it's better to have a backup in there who is closer to 100 percent.
  5. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    The letter Colin Kaepernick wrote in fourth grade:

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
  6. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    The Eagles suck. They're as bad, or worse, than the Browns at this point. Especially defensively. And Cousins played a damn good game, too. He's not a schlub. That said, you need to get Griffin in there. Even if you don't play him the whole game. He needs some reps and he has to have some rhythm going into the last game. How often did you see someone rest in week 17, get the playoff bye week, and then suck when they finally got on the field? And how often was it a Tony Dungy-led team that did that?
  7. JackReacher

    JackReacher Well-Known Member

    London Fletcher Ray Lewis
    Seasons 15 17
    Games 238 228
    Tackles/year 127 121
    Forced fumbles 19 19
    INT 22 31
    Sacks 35 41.5

  8. JackReacher

    JackReacher Well-Known Member

    This is sensational.

  9. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    Fair to say Rookie of the Year is between RGIII, Luck and Russell Wilson?

    Who would you vote for because it's tough and all 3 are deserving.

    Wilson's best stat is that no other QB in 62 years of the NFL had led a team to 50-plus in consecutive weeks before he did the last two weeks (58-50), not to mention the Seahawks might win the division.

    RGIII has most of the hype, and deservedly so.

    No one in their right mind thought the Colts would be 9-5. Luck has, what, 6 game-winning drives?

    So who gets it (if things play out the same, by and large)?
  10. amraeder

    amraeder Well-Known Member

    RGIII's combination of running stats/completion %/TD-INT ratio has to give him the edge, right?
  11. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    RGIII has had a better season than Andrew Luck, but Luck has a team that most thought would be among the worst in the NFL this season, on the verge of the playoffs.

    I have no problem with either of them winning it.

    Here's my issue with everybody making such a big deal out of Seattle putting 50 up in back-to-back weeks...

    It doesn't happen often because most NFL teams don't try to score 50 points. Some teams kneel on the ball and run the clock out or have players who slide short of the end zone because they don't want the appearance of running the score up. Then you have the Seahawks running a fake punt in the second half of a blowout...

    Even last week after Wilson had been pulled, Carroll had Flynn throwing deep when they were up 40+ on Arizona.

    I'm not looking into having a "running the score up" discussion, because I don't care that the Seahawks did that. But when people make such a big deal out of a team scoring 50 in back-to-back weeks it's not because Seattle has the greatest offense of all-time. It's because they didn't pull back like most teams do.
  12. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    After the 49ers-Pats game, I'd hope a lot fewer teams would pull back when up big.
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