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News reporter, Acorn Newspapers

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by SportsHack1818, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I don't post here often, but am an avid lurker on the site.

    This isn't a sports job, but I am throwing it out there for anyone who might be interested.

    The Simi Valley Acorn is looking for two reporters -- one who will cover the city, and one who will cover Simi's school district, as well as another school district for one of our sister publications.

    The Acorn is a weekly with 35,000 circulation. It's part of a "chain" of five weekly newspapers in eastern Ventura County. It's a great company to work for with a lot of quality people on the staff. Our "chain" just won a handful of awards in the annual CNPA Better Newspapers Contest.

    The salary will start between $28K and $30K. No, that's not enough for a sole breadwinner in southern California. But given what a lot of people seem to be making in this business (as evidenced by the SJ thread on that very topic) it's not crazy, either.

    The two people hired will be working directly with me. Not sure if that is a benefit or a curse. :)

    If you want any more info, please let me know here or at simi@theacorn.com. We are going to move fast on these.
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